A VERY Private Oregon Coast Wedding

by Kelley Besterfield
(Salem, OR)

WOW! Where do I begin... I have overwhelmingly "said yes" to someone on Newport's Embarcadero.

I went to second grade with him and then we were separated until our Junior year. Gary recognized me from second grade and a crush grew. Due to parents divorce I, Kelley, was forced to move to California. Lots of letters, gifts and long distance phone calls followed, only for us to still drift apart.

... fast forward 26 years!

Both married 16 years with kids, divorced about the same time. He had been working for AT&T, unfulfilled to say the least, but left it all to take a chance to become the awesome metal artist he is today (he has his works in Oceanic Arts on Bay Blvd.). And me traveling and moving every 3 years due to my now-ex-husband being in the military.

In June Gary was at his nephew's house (who he is very close to) having a beer and looking at silly YouTube videos when he noticed two photo collage boards from his nephew's wedding. Guess who he saw on his Nephews wifes photo board? ME!!!

Turns out my niece in my home town of Salem married the nephew of my high school crush! I know!!! GET OUT!!!

Soooo now the wedding: just us, no catering, no wedding party, an Officiate, photographer and we are off to a romantic dinner and then flying off to a cruise to Key West (gotta check out Hemmingway's 6 toed cats!) and Cozumel for Cinco De Mayo. Margarita anyone?!! We could just get married in Key West but... it wouldn't be Newport :)

I just can't get the vision of him proposing on Nov. 2nd, full moon that night, the sunset, bridge, seagulls... out of my head. I will never forget it, Key West wouldn't be as special. Any simple but special wedding plans would be great!

In love with Newport,
Gary and Kelley

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May 28, 2015
Looking for Kelley
by: H V

Just curious if this was the sane Kelley that was in Lubbock some years ago.
Should that be true, wondering how you are doing? 806 778 7663
Think of you often

Oct 28, 2012
Kim Duncan!!!!!!!
by: Kelley

Yes it's me : ) message me on Facebook, don't know how else to contact and don't want to leave info here.
Kelley Besterfield

Sep 06, 2012
Best Friends From Grade School
by: Kim Duncan

Hey Kelley,

If this is the Kelley that lived on Liberty St. In Salem Oregon, I have been searching for you!

Please reply!


Oct 25, 2010
Figured Out Your Silence.......
by: Anonymous

I wish you well, Kell! Great memories.........aloha.

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