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Thinking that you may want to advertise on Romantic Oregon Coast Vacations?

Is your business Oregon Coast-related?

Are You spending too much on print advertising?

Are you receiving that all-important highly-targeted traffic that you need for your business to succeed?

What if I told you that you are spending WAY too much of your advertising budget on print ads? What if I told you that I could provide you a better return on your investment by advertising on this web site? What if someone actually cared about YOU, rather than your checkbook?

When you advertise your business in the Yellow Pages, newspapers, television, radio and in local magazines, you're not only going to be spending a bundle, but you're limiting your exposure to potential customers:

  • The family looking for an Oregon coast vacation rental doesn't see your Yellow Pages ad; they have their own book and you aren't in it to find. Limited.

  • The couple searching for a great place along the coast to honeymoon is watching their television stations, listening to their radio stations and thumbing through their local newspapers. They haven't a clue that you even exist. Limited.

  • The business woman in New York is flying to the west coast with her associates and they need lodging for a large group. Chances are slim to none that she isn't even going to know about your great facilities unless you are advertising on the Internet.

Advertise nationally? Forget about it! Running a local business, you don't have that kind of money to burn!

This is exactly why advertising on Romantic Oregon Coast Vacations is such a fantastic idea. The site is open 24/7, can be seen around the world, and the people who come here are looking for Oregon coast-related answers! That's called "targeted traffic!"

If you do have an ad on a web site where thousands of eyes are viewing it every month, what better exposure can you get? You definitely can't get that kind of foot traffic!

We've recently started a personal chef business here on the Oregon Coast. We found the Romantic Oregon website by searching for sites to increase our own web traffic.

Tony Thomas, the owner of the site, offered us a reasonable quote and placed our banner ad on the page we requested. Tony was very courteous and extremely fast in adding our ad to his site. It was a pleasure working with him and we look forward to a successful partnership.

~ Pati, A Posto Personal Chef Services LLC


If you're considering who to advertise with, consider a site that ranks within the top 1% of all web sites on the Internet....Romantic Oregon Coast Vacations.

I launched the website in March of 2006 and it is currently enjoying 900 to over 1300 guests per day(depending on the season).

During the spring and summer months, Romantic Oregon sees around 27463 unique views and 76652 page views each month. We are also on the first pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the keywords, "Oregon Coast Vacations."

The general competition is fierce in the travel-related industry. Thus, you need to stand heads-above all the others if you want to make the connections. That is where Romantic Oregon Coast Vacations can help. This site's visitors are growing daily and, I'm happy to say, the popularity shows no signs of slowing down.


Romantic Oregon Coast Vacations receives traffic from around the globe. According to the site stats, we welcome visitors from not only the great Pacific NW and spanning the entire United States, but from Spain, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Iceland, Hawaii, Poland, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland and many others....potential travelers from around the world. That's a lot of eyes viewing your ad!

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How We Operate at Romantic Oregon Coast Vacations

  • This site is geared toward the romance of the Oregon Coast. As such, it brings in highly-targeted traffic. You won't find people looking for basketball scores here!
  • This site is cleanly produced with no pop-ups or flashing "stuff" to distract my guests from your ads. The in-context advertising is tastefully done. Banner ads are used at a minimum, but are available upon request. I will not ever plaster ads on this site, helter-skelter. This is totally to your benefit.

So, if you're looking for increased exposure and traffic for your business, advertising here, in my opinion, is a good move. As the site continues to grow and become more popular, the virtual real estate will become more valuable. What have you got to lose? Contact me today and begin to advertise your business right away.


Rather than advertise in other places, there's mucho benefit in keeping all the gold in your own pocket. ;)

Maybe you'd rather cut out the middle-man completely and start your own website that achieves the same results as this one....or better. I can't blame you there. It did absolute wonders for me. I'm enjoying myself more than I ever have, while I'm watching great traffic and great money funnel in. What could be better?

Site Build It was created with beginners in mind. All it takes to put your business online is brains and motivation. No HTML skills required! Find out more by clicking here.

If you want to learn more about advertising on Romantic Oregon Coast Vacations, use the form below to contact me, providing me as much information about you and what you're inquiring about.

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