Oregon Coast Arts And Crafts

You wouldn't think that coastal towns would be a hotbed for the arts and crafts, but you'd be mistaken. Every year, the Oregon Coast treats thousands of visitors to it's rich, cultural side.

sea captain art

The Oregon Coast is a virtual potpourri of some wonderful local theatre, dance, music, art galleries, and merchants who sell hand-made crafts to thrill you. I think you would be amazed at just how much there is to see. 

Artsy Stuff of the Oregon Coast

oregon coast theatre

The crafts you can find in each of the coastal communities are things you will treasure. With a large selection of local materials, many of their creations have a very local, beachy feel to them. If you have a home on the coast, decorating it with a sea motif would be very easy. Local artists work in oils, metals, woods, photos, and clays and make their wares available for show and sale. The elegant galleries up and down the coast feature local and international works. 

BTW, I absolutely love the various sea captain carvings, one of which is pictured to your left. Most shops carry them and they are really great little things to have throughout your house. In fact, my wife has dedicated our half-bathroom to the beach and is in the process of dressing it up with various arts and crafts she is finding in the coastal shops and stores. It's turning out really nice. 

Opting for more home-made arts and crafts fare, you may want to take a weekend and visit some of the Oregon Coast Farmers Markets. They have all types of great stuff for you to take away.

Is there an arts and crafts artist in you, screaming to get out? Have you ever considered learning to blow glass? It's great fun and the end results are beautiful. There are a number of places along the coastline to quench your creative thirst for glass blowing. Take a look at the video to your right and see an example of the fun to be had for yourself.

If you want to learn more about glass floats, take a look at my Japanese Glass Floats page.

Theatre & Dance

Oregon Coast arts are strikingly obvious when the local theatres run plays and shows each and every weekend. Dramas, comedies and musicals are the usual fare with the thespian groups and dance troops. For a relaxing and enjoyable time, take in a show. They're quite fun to go to. 

You will find both finely-produced Broadway plays and original productions at these handsome theaters. Here is a listing so that you can contact them for a entertaining night on the town. ;)

The River Theater
230 W. Marine Dr., Astoria
(503) 325-7487

Coaster Theatre Playhouse
108 N. Hemlock St., Cannon Beach. (503) 436-1242

Theatre West
3536 SE Hwy 101, Lincoln City
(541) 994-5663

Yachats Commons
441 N Hwy 101, Yachats
(541) 547-3786

Little Theater on the Bay
2100 Sherman Ave., North Bend
(541) 756-4336

Sprague Theater
1202 11th St., Bandon
(541) 347-7426

Sawdust Theatre
1st and Adams, Conquille
(541) 396-4563

Chetco Playhouse
1240 Chetco Ave., Brookings
(541) 469-1857

Movies on the Oregon Coast

Along with live theater, many a roll of celluloid has been created at the Oregon Coast. Are you aware that film makers have been making movies along the beautiful coastline for nearly 100 years? See how many you can think of and then how many movies made on the Oregon coast you didn't know about.

Culinary Arts

To many people, there is nothing more exciting and creative than cooking. Personally, I like being the person on the other end of it...eating! hehe. My son is a chef and loves it. The culinary arts is a profession that is very satisfying, both personally and financially. Everyone has to eat, right? That's high demand right there!

The Oregon coast recognized the need for experienced chefs and opened the doors to the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute in Coos Bay.


oregon coast jazz

The arts and crafts throughout the coastal towns are bursting with music! There are many music festivals that run through the year all along the Oregon Coast. Delivering a wide-range of genres, there is sure to be something to match your musical tastes. Big Band, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Folk.....you name it. 

A few of the music festivals running throughout the year are:

  • Astoria Symphonic Band - Astoria
  • Stormy Weather Arts Festival - Cannon Beach
  • Oregon Coast Music Association Concert In The Park - Coos Bay
  • Oregon Coast Music Festival - Coos Bay
  • Sounds of Christmas - Coos Bay
  • Concert by the Lake - Florence
  • Cascade Music Festival - Lincoln City
  • Ernest Bloch Music Festival - Newport
  • Jazz at Newport - Newport
  • Oregon Dixieland Jubilee - Seaside
  • Yachats Music Festival - Yachats 

The Oregon Coast Council for the Arts has a full calendar of arts and crafts event happenings. Check it out and find something artsy to do. You may also contact any of the local city Chamber of Commerce for information on what's happening and what you can look forward to. Don't miss out on the exciting arts and crafts offered up by the Oregon Coast.

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