Battery Mishler Tour Ghosts?

by Amy
(Aloha, OR, USA)

My family and I took the tour of the gun batteries when we visited Ft. Stevens.

It was very interesting, especially when we went into the underground part of the Mishler Battery. It was a labyrinth of tunnels and rooms and niches in the wall, with very little lighting. When we were on the middle level(there was another level below), we passed the latrine, then went through the Tool Room, which led into the Guard Room.

I felt a cold heaviness in the air, a feeling of dread. I was the last person of the group to go into the guard room because I didn't want to go through it. I was not afraid, it was just a feeling of my body not wanting to go there, like the opposite of a magnetic force. Not two minutes later when we stood in the area where the gun used to sit (it now has a roof above it), our guide told us that six men had died there.

Another incident occurred as we went into the Relocater Room (next to the telephone room), on the bottom floor. As I passed through the doorway I heard, very, very faintly, a distant scream, as if a man were dying in horrible pain. I will never forget it. It was almost not something you could hear but more of a sense of it.

The military site and the tour was fascinating and informative. I would highly recommend it.

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