Beachcombing The Oregon Coast

Young or old, beachcombing on the Oregon Coast has something for everyone.

Miles and miles of clean, open, sandy beaches allow the beachcomber ample opportunity to discover some terrific treasures.

With the mild winters and fresh air, this wonderful hobby provides year-round fun, especially when done in pairs. So grab your jacket and your sweetie and head on out to the sand!

Beach combing is especially good after a winter storm and when the tide is low. October through the month of April is known as "Discovery Season." And for good reason!

Those awesome Japanese glass floats I've told you about, shells, agates, colorful jaspers, driftwood and more is all there for the hunting and finding. The tides that come in, drive great beds of gravel and, ultimately, gem-like stones for the taking.

oregon coast beachcoming

Believe me, you're going to have quite the adventure. It's especially cool when you can find some interesting-shaped driftwood or a few shiny shells that you can use to decorate your home with. It gives you something special to remember the beach by.

As you hit the beaches for your beachcombing expeditions, looking for treasures to take back with you and add to your collections, keep a few things in mind to make it a fun and prosperous time:

  • Dig at the water's edge. Some beachcombers even decide to bring small rakes with them.
  • Move slowly and be attentive. Have patience as you move your way along.
  • Get your hands on a local tidetable chart book. That way you'll know the very best times to go. You can get them at many of the local gift shops in the town you're in.
oregon coast seashells
  • Go beachcombing early in the morning, before everyone else snatches up the best treasures and the seagulls destroy the shells.
  • Leave the wildlife in their natural habitat. If you turn over a rock to look for goodies underneath, return it to the way it was. Be moderate in what you take home with you. Be aware of what is around you. Never touch baby seals or other animals along the beaches. The mother has left them there to rest while she is out hunting. Touching a baby will result in the mother abandoning it. Just use your best common sense when dealing with the delicate life along the Oregon Coast.
  • Any shells you find are best kept in nylon mesh or plastic bags. Wash them well with fresh water when you get home. Polish any agates you find to bring out the beautiful colors.
  • If you think about it, bring along a garbage bag and pick up any litter you come across. It would sure help keep the beaches clean and nice for everyone. Thanks!

Beachcombing Safety Tips

  • While exploring the beaches, be very aware of where you are when the tide is coming in. Avoid isolated rocks, tide pools, and the like. It wouldn't be fun to end up stranded in the middle of the ocean.
  • Be careful around large logs. Water-saturation makes them even heavier than they already are and they could roll on top of you.
  • Don't wander too far into the surf. The gorgeous waves can also be very dangerous and sweep you out to sea very quickly. Sneaker waves can knock you off of rocks and jetties without warning. Just be aware.
  • Keep off of steep cliffs or rocks. You never know how strong or weak they could be.

With those few tips in your arsenal, you'll be well on your way to becoming a beachcomber the Oregon Coast can proudly call its own. Have fun and don't forget to hold hands and sneak a few kisses when the gulls aren't watching. ;)

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