Being a Child at the Pixie Kitchen

by Kim McIntosh
(Boise, Idaho)

I started going to the Pixie Kitchen about 1958. I have gone back a few times since, sorry to say when the second owners had just was not the same.

My Grandparents were regular customers. Daddy Herold was a supervisor for Jim Connely Construction Co. Every Sunday we would go to eat there. Gram and Daddy Herold would go in the bar and talk to the bartender, Betty. I would explore the trinkets and sip my Shirley Temple drink, that was always brought out to me by Betty (if she wasn't too busy) or a nice barmaid. I still love them (lol)

We would be seated and I was allowed one pass through the appetizer trolley. My favorite was the fish balls which were always golden brown and very tasty (anyone have the recipe?) My grandmother was a very light eater so her and I would split the wonderful halibut dinner they served. The food was wonderful and always a line waiting to be seated.

In the table tops there was a glass covered sunken relief of Pixie figurines in sand with rocks and shells...great fantasy fodder for a young child. I always sat by the window and gazed out at the smiling waving pixies, the engineer, the mermaid, and cavorting pixies in the was so great to see.

The later addition of Pixie Land was a blast too. The water log slide was the scariest ride I had ever been on and I loved it. The small shops in the mall were fun. The one shop that made newspapers customized, I still have the paper from: "Young Girl Heads off Pixie Attack!" Grandmother's gift to me for being good.

I miss that place and wish it was still going. The Pixie Kitchen was a landmark of special quality.

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