Beverly Beach State Park

by Greg and Lisa

Beverly Beach is the most romantic get away ever!

We had so much fun that we are going back there again this August and it's only been a year since we were there. We went to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse...amust see! We climbed all the way to the top and looked out over the ocean and what a view. We saw all kinds of wildlife while camping at Beverly Beach State Park: raccoons they came right up to us waiting for us to feed them and a beaver carrying a tree limb gave us a real spook!

It was dark and we were trying to find our one and only flashlight and while digging for it in our car, we heard some weird brushing sounds along the roadway and when we found the light and put it to where the noise was coming from, we saw a huge beaver carrying a tree limb off into the forrest. We were so shocked at how huge he was! He was the size of a small bear. At first I thought it WAS a bear but my husband said "no, Baby, don't be's just a beaver and he wont hurt you."

The next morning we were making coffee and waiting for it to perk (a very slow way to make coffee) and the chipmunks were throwing pine cones at us from the tree tops and they actually hit me with one. Then they come down from the trees while we were drinking our coffee and gather up all their pine cones and cart them off. They were just the cutest little things.

That night we set up our four tiki lanterns and sit around the fire pit having some wine coolers and just enjoying each other like we love to do :) kissing and such...and all of a sudden there was some noises in the trees behind our tent....again I was scared that it would be a bear (the reason I am scared of bears is that when I was a kid, I saw one chase my daddy out of his shower at our camp). So anyways where was I...oh my husband, the cool kind macho man, goes behind the tent to investigate the issue and he comes back laughing and saying, "well, woman, you said you love raccoons, right?" I say, "yeah, why?" Here they are...and out walks 2 raccoons. I was so excited and I took some pictures.

So anyways, the only other thing I want to say is that when we went there last year the moon was not shining because it was a new moon and when we are going back next month in August, it will be a new moon again. So, well, we won't see the moon on the ocean. My husband was so cute last year when we were there. He kept saying well I guess the moon just don't a shine in Oregon?!

So to all you out there looking for a really romantic place to take your sweetheart, this is the place, and there is no better place to me.

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