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Are you itching to do something absolutely lovely? Bike the Oregon Coast. You'll experience some of the most invigorating sights around. There is something really wonderful about winding your way along the coastline, as slow or as fast as you choose, enjoying nature and the fresh air.

Oregon has always been tuned into it's residents and visitors. The pulse of it's people is what runs the state. The governing bodies have always known that people count the most and they make things as enjoyable as possible to live around here. Specifically, Oregon has been developing terrific Oregon bike trails throughout the state since 1971. The Oregon Coast is no exception. Hence, the Oregon Coast Bike Route.

Bicyclists from around the world know about the Route and come to revel in the beauty that envelops it. Because of the popularity, the Highway Division sets time aside every single year to maintain and improve it. How's that for dedication to the state and it's people?

The Oregon Coast Bike Route travels for 370 miles along Highway 101 as a shoulder bikeway. In a few parts, it winds it's way back and begins a trek along city streets and country roads. If you choose to take the Three Capes Scenic Route, it will expand your trip an extra 10 miles. It's a very nice choice to have. You definitely cannot go wrong either way.

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The scenery from highway to rural to suburb gives bikers a great variety of scenery to relish in. In fact, as you depart into the backroad areas, you'll end up a lot closer to the ocean and will be able to enjoy a more relaxed ride, being the traffic volume is much lower and the speeds decrease.

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Bike the Oregon Coast along this route and it will take you from 6 to 8 days to travel the entire length, depending on how fast you go. You'll be biking during the days and be able to enjoy a clean stay at one of the many Oregon Coast hotels, parks or yurts and delicious steak and seafood dinners in the evenings. Now, that's living!

By the way, if you plan your bike tour from May through October, it's a very good idea to travel North to South since the winds tend to blow from the Northwest. Travelling ocean-side will provide you the best view points. The Highway Department tends to concentrate most of their widening enhancements to the southbound shoulder. Just a tad bit of information to make your trip the best it can be. ;)

Download the Oregon Coast Bike Route pamphlet (3.71 megs)

This is an excellent source of information regarding everything related to traveling the Route.

To bike the Oregon Coast along such a long and winding route, as enjoyable as it is, takes a great deal of motivation and endurance. If you're not necessarily looking for a such a long tour, that's totally alright.

The Oregon Coast has a good many bike tours companies to choose from. You will find that these businesses are dedicated to providing the best the coast has for bikers.

A good many of them offer activities, meals and lodging and are really terrific ways to go if you choose to do your biking with a group and let someone else do all the planning.

Bicycle Adventures is one such place that you may want to take a look at. The coastal towns even hold annual Oregon Coast biking festivals that you can break out your riding gear and partake in, such as Oregon Coast Cycling Festival in Gold Beach. There is literally something for everyone who loves to bike!

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My wife and I have a mutual friend who takes every opportunity to bike the Oregon Coast, going as far as to participate in the Hood to Coast Relay every year. Sponsored by Nike, this event is the largest running relay in the world and consists of 197 miles of hard-core biking. It's not for the faint-of-hard and she really seems to enjoy doing it.

Finally, a general resource for bicyclists is the Adventure Cycling Association, a groups that been around a few decades and whose goal is to inspire people to travel by bike for fun and fitness.

For a more leisurely ride within the towns, you can easily find bicycle and scooter rental shops scattered around. Grab your sweetie for a nice trip through town where you can stop in some tourist shops and for a bite to eat.

All in all, should you decide to bike the Oregon Coast, you're in good company. It is something that every adventurer should try, at least once in their lifetime. The smell of the sea or pines, warm breezes or cool, crisp air, and completely amazing scenery all lend a hand to a biking experience that you'll not soon forget.

Bike Shops Along The Oregon Coast

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Bike Newport, 150 NW 6th, Newport, OR. 97365 (541) 265-9917

Carrying all major brands of bikes, Bike Newport is the largest bike shop on the coast, between Seattle and SFO. They see over 600 cycle tourists a year in their store and treat bicycle tourists to fully equipped showers and laundry facilities, as well as a lounge area w/ Internet access, television and a cycling library. A great place if you plan to bike the Oregon coast.

South Coast Bicycles, 805 2nd Street SE Bandon, OR 97411 (541) 347-1995

South Coast Bicycles serves the entire south Oregon coast and surrounding communities, with new bike sales and related parts, apparel and accessories. South Coast Bicycles has a full repair and service center, as well as bike rentals.

Hours of operation: 10:00 am – 6 pm Days of operation: Tuesday – Saturday; however, special appointments before or after hours or on Sunday/Monday can be made! Extended weekend hours may be put in effect during the summer.

At times, they host group rides, seminars (bike maintenance, bike safety), and topical presentations.

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