Brief Glimpse Into Pixie Kitchen Shell Room

by Jesse Guiher
(Sandy, OR)

I remember every time we went to the Oregon coast, I would bug my folks to stop at Pixie Kitchen.

They never did for the longest time until finally we did stop a single time, probably somewhere near it's demise.

I was absolutely fascinated with the movement of the Pixie Garden display, so much so that I barely ate, staring goggle-eyed the whole time.

I explored the place the most I could in the little time I had, and wandered into what seemed to be a side room through a somewhat narrow door. It turned out it was some kind of bar, which kids were not allowed in but I was so happily fascinated with all the beautiful seashells lit up under the glass bar, the bartender let me linger for a little while, taking in all the details. I can only liken it to a tiki bar in that it had that same kind of ambience: soft glow of lights, mostly from lighting the seashells in the glass of the bar, which were nestled on soft white sand.

If I recall, the upper part of the bar over the long table also was covered in seashells, and I think there was some kind of blue sequins either there or on the walls. My memory is a little hazy on much besides the shells inside the actual bar table (it was a similar set up to how they did the tables in the restaurant, but with a lot more shells. I would estimate about a hundred strewn along the length of the bar table under the glass, mostly clam shells, but other ones as well, with what was probably a strand of white Christmas lights rigged under them).

The really funny thing I remember along with the shells was about four or five Barbie dolls dressed up to look like mermaids, sitting in various poses atop the bar. If I recall, there was small cut out in cardboard or wood of the pixie mermaid that was in the garden scene hanging on the side of the bar.

My dad finally found me and dragged me out of the bar. The bartender gave me a friendly wave and smile as we left.

I remember seeing a small alcove area (I think behind the cash register) where they had Pixie knick-knacks and some other souvenirs for sale, which we could not afford.

I begged my dad to at least take some photos of the Pixie Garden since he was such a shutter bug. He relented and took about three (I wanted him to use a whole roll but he would not). I do not know what happened to those photos, or the cool little paper placement I took with me, but I will always remember that stop at Pixie Kitchen.

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