Cape Foulweather - A Great Place to Stop!

Cape Foulweather on the central Oregon coast is located a mere three miles south of Depoe Bay or nine miles north of Newport. Either way you come, it's a great place to stop for a while and stare out at the waves.

High above the ocean sea, it's a pretty breathtaking view. I would recommend you grab your sweetheart and sweep them off to this historical Oregon coast attraction.

Foulweather itself was discovered 160 years ago by Capt James Cook, aptly naming it because of the near 100 mile an hour winds and all around bad weather that takes over during the stormy season.

The Cape Foulweather Gift Shop and Lookout Observatory is one of the Oregon coast's oldest landmarks, first opening it's doors to the public in 1937.

I love this place so much that one of my oldest YouTube videos was shot here. The cliff-side Lookout, 500 feet above the ocean, provides the perfect setting if you really want to show off the beauty of Oregon coast seascapes to a friend.

cape foulweather oregon coast
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The Gift Shop has had multiple owners and was originally called the Fair Weather Coffee Bar." I guess it didn't really take off that well as a coffee shop. The original owners, Buck and Ann Badley, quickly discovered that the visitors that did stop in didn't want their coffee as much as they loved the few knickknacks carried there. Astute as can be, they began investigating how they could merchandise Oregon coast souvenirs, and the rest is history.

cape foulweather gift shop
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I stop at the Lookout nearly every trip I make to the central Oregon coast. It's a quick shot from Hwy 101. Sometimes I'll go into the gift shop and wander around, just to see if there is anything new and shiny that I make want to pick up. Shiny things mesmerize me. haha.

Other times, I'll just hop out to stare at the beauty, with the horizon going as far as the eye can see. I feel as if I'm at the top of the world. At the farthest point of the lookout, you can see the Inn at Otter Crest if you look down and to your left. The waves crashing at the base of the rocks there make for some really dramatic photos and/or video.

cape foulweather lookout
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The gift shop and observatory celebrated their 75th anniversary in the summer of 2012. I wish them another 75 years and beyond!

The Cape Foulweather Gift Shop is open from 9am to 5pm every day but Christmas and is a neat place to stop, breathe in the fresh air, watch the Pacific Ocean waves, and reflect a bit. But, don't let the shop being closed stop you from going just to enjoy the wide-open view. Don't forget to bring your cameras with you. ;)

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