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Need a deal or have a deal to share? Try Craigslist Oregon Coast.

Craigslist has been an amazing resource of buying, selling, giving, meeting, and on and on for many years now. Normally, I turn to it when I need something for the house or my business. Searching whatever region of the world I choose, I know that I can find just about anything I'm looking for. It's people connecting with other people.

It's really quite the anomaly. It's not pretty, not fancy, no photos or colors, but it's one of the most popular web sites in the world now, with a gazillion people checking in every day. Here's how to get started...

Bring up you web browser and type, "" into the address bar or just click here to get directly to Craigslist Oregon Coast.

Once you're at the web site, choose the country, state, and city you live in or are looking for stuff in. You'll generally find various counties to choose from if you're in an area that has multiple counties. Use these selections to narrow down your search. Then, you'll be presented with the huge list of everything in the world that you can dive into!

Events and other things being offered in your communities, personal ads or rants and raves (not something I use), discussion forums, sections to find housing, stuff for sale, services offered, job listings, and gigs around the area. Are you getting the idea that you're in another world, all it's own? Craigslist is a huge depository for everything and anything.

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I use Craigslist Oregon Coast specifically to find things to decorate my home with and search for garage sales happening over the weekends.

My wife and I are decorating the house in a nautical theme and there seems to be quite a bit of that sort of thing in the Oregon coast section. Also, if there is an event that is coming up that I want to run to the coast and report on, I can usually find it in the Events section. I could easily spend a couple hours on the site.

Here's a special tip for you. Use the web site SearchTempest for an easier and more pleasing way to search Oregon coast's Craigslist. You can filter your searches and make your whole experience not so daunting.

Then, look at is all from a seller's viewport. Create a free account and then post a job if you happen to need help, sell your treasures or get rid of that old mattress in the Free section, let people know that you're a social media marketer and offer your services in the Services section, etc, etc.

Craigslist is really great and I'm sure you'll find it as useful as I do.

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