Dad Came To America To Work At Pixie Kitchen

by Tina Rasmussen
(Pacifica, California)

My dad, a Dane, met Jerry and Lu Parks on a ship in South America in 1962. They offered him a job in America, "the Land of Opportunity."

Dad came to America that year and brought my mom over in 1963 for their honeymoon. Dad continued to work at Pixie Kitchen until Pixieland was built, then he worked out there.

My memories are very fond. I spent many nights up above the kitchen for sleepovers. I remember the basement amusement type area, with a monkey - COCO. I loved seeing the memorabilia, of which I have none... :(

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Mar 02, 2011
I Know The Danes Who Worked At The Pixie Kitchen
by: Anonymous

I know you and your Danish parents!

I have lots of pictures of you and them and of our family still has the gifts that your parents brought from Denmark to give to the Parks.

You are one of two sisters and I am a former daughter-in-law of the Parks!

I too, have wonderful memories of them and the Pixie Kitchen. It was especially fun to go up to the residence above the restaurant and have a "back door" down to the kitchen!

I wonder where you are now? I am on to hear from you!

May 29, 2010
by: Mike Stone

I am writing book on Pixieland, Pixie Kitchen and the Salmon River estuary. I would like to include any photos you may have.

Sep 12, 2007
I Remember Pixie Kitchen
by: Anonymous

I remember the Pixie Kitchen. My family went there many times when I was growing up and I also have very wonderful memories of it.

It was not just the food or the play area or the staff, but it was all of them in a combined effort that made the business as a whole,

One was not complete without the other and when they had the play area working it was just as wonderful for adults as it was for the kids to watch.

As we ate our meals and watched as folks came and went and got to see it from the inside.

I also remember when it was closed up for the very last time how I cried as I knew there would never be another one like it even if it were to be rebuilt .

The building as I would drive by as I grew older served to remind me of fond memories and sadden me to know my children would never know the joy of going there.

If either of your parents are still alive please send them my very best as a gift from my heart for being apart of a life they never knew they were apart of.


Sep 11, 2007
Awesome Pixie Kitchen Tale
by: Jerry Morris

Thanks so much for sharing that story, Tina! My family loved the Pixie Kitchen, too. Sorry to hear that you have nothing to remember those great times by.

We have some old, home movies on 8mm reels of the kids on the rides and such. They sure do bring back the memories when we break them out every so often.

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