Visiting Depoe Bay, Oregon

depoe bay sunset

I'm in Depoe Bay, OR today. As I sip on my second cup of coffee, I look out the window and think of how cool this place is.

I'm seated inside Gracie's Sea Hag (I'm feasting on their Shrimp Neptune this morning) and watching the waves pound against the seawall that runs the length of the entire downtown section. I guess I sometimes like things simple and unhurried. I don't always have to be doing and going; actually I prefer it not to be that way. Why else would I want to live at the Oregon Coast?

Depoe Bay is the very essence of a small fishing town. Located along historic Hwy 101, it's the only town that boasts the smallest navigable harbor in the world at only 6 square acres. It is a must-stop as you travel from Lincoln City onward south toward Newport. It is a very sweet place to visit and, I imagine, a great place to set up permanent residence.

depoe bay oregon harbor

The downtown area is made up of gift shops, galleries, and eateries that sit one right next to another. Go from one shop to the next as you enjoy glancing toward the ocean and watching the sea gulls flit about.

Stand and watch fresh salt water taffy being made and, if you dare, let the inviting smell of caramel corn bring you inside. I bet you can't leave without buying something. 

Take a walk to the sea wall, look for the geysers that have a wonderful habit of blowing water 60 feet in the air and watch the local whales breach. The city is pleased to have a resident pod of gray whales that actually make their  home there 10 months out of the year. There are various observation spots to watch them play or you can charter a boat right there in town for a ride out to take a closer look.

On a blustery day, the Depoe Bay Whale Center is a warm place to escape and watch. Hop downstairs to the gift shop and information lobby to discover anything you could want to known about these marvelous creatures. The staff is welcoming, friendly and willing to share their knowledge of whales with anyone who asks. The Center is also the home to the famous program, "Whale Watching Spoken Here."

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downtown depoe bay

If you're a fisherman, bait your pole and get ready to catch Ling Cod, 20 varieties of rockfish, Chinook, Albacore Tune, Halibut, and Dungeness Crab.

The harbor stirs very early in the morning, setting a course for deep water and a great day of Oregon Coast fishing. Catch the commercial fishermen at breakfast and enjoy the maritime stories traded back and forth. Mucho fun. ;) 

If you want a romantic rental to bed down for the night at, you can find it in here. Stay right in town and don't miss the Friday night seafood buffet at Gracie's Sea Hag Food & Grog. 

All in all, this Oregon Coast treasure of a town is one of my favorite places to hang out. The pace is slow and the people are friendly. Having the ocean as close to the downtown area as it is makes for a wonderful time.

For some printed material in PDF format that you can take with you, grab the brochure from the Oregon Coast Travel Guides section. 

I think I'll sit here for a while longer, nurse my coffee and watch the people walk by the window.

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Chamber of Commerce
70 NE Highway 101
Depoe Bay, Oregon   97341
Phone: 541-765-2889
Toll Free:  877-485-8348

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