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Finding good discount hotels, vacation rentals, low travel fares, and vacation packages and specials makes any vacation even better. I hate to use the word cheap, because that gives you the impression of not getting your money's worth, so let's stick with inexpensive.

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You can find many nice deals along the Oregon Coast. Why spend an arm and a leg when you don't have to? Now, if it's your wedding, honeymoon or anniversary, move along to another page. All bets are off! I will not be responsible for disrupting a romantic time as you tell your gal, "Tony told me to go as cheap as possible and that's why we're traveling as freight in this army plane!" No, no way, nada. ;) Those type of events are meant for extravagance. On that, you can quote me.

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A regular trip, though, is best when you are able to cut some extra costs and spend your cash in the right places: dining, dancing, theatre, moviesgamblingand more.

Getting there, in my opinion, should always be as inexpensive as possible. That where a good discount vacation or discount travel package comes in handy. You always want to bed down in a nice place, of course, but not something that is going to break the bank.


It's important to be on the lookout for low price specials and inexpensive travel fares where you can find them. The best time to go to the Oregon Coast for great deals is during the off-season when the sun is less likely to show itself. You will find cheaper (Doh! There's that word!) prices on the weekdays as well.

Since there is less tourism visits during that time, hotels will lower their rates and offer special discounts to keep their rooms filled. What many vacationers do not realize is that the winter months of off-season are some of the times that the Oregon Coast is at it's most beautiful. The winter storms are ominous! The wild waves crashing against the rocks and the angry sea churning makes for quite the memorable show. 

Let me help by pulling as much solid and relative travel information together as I can. The main goal is to get to Oregon by being as tight-fisted with your money as possible and get to where you need to go.

Book your travel plans, car rentals and discount hotel rates online. You'll find a lot of ever-changing and rotating Internet offers, tailor-made for your trip. Coming back from a relaxing vacation with some left-over pocket money will always put a smile on your face. That way you have a good head-start on your next vacation.


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Finding the ultimate travel-related deals will leave you with warm, fuzzy feelings. You have to do some comparing, but that cheaper (!!!) vacation deal is out there waiting for you to discover it. Besides that, using the Internet to make your vacation plans is so convenient. Point-and-click is my type of planning and traveling. ;) 

Be sure to drop by the Vacation RentalsOregon Coast ResortsBed and Breakfast, and other parts of the site for more information to help you put together a really great vacation.

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