First and Last trip to Pixie Kitchen

by Jenn
(Beaverton, Oregon)

Pixie Kitchen charm

Pixie Kitchen charm

I don't remember exactly how old I was, probably around 7 or 8. I just remember my parents being so excited to surprise me with a trip to eat at Pixie Kitchen.

I remember overlooking all the working pixies, laboring away through a glass window inside the restaurant. They were most likely wood cutouts, which were placed in an atrium sort of setting, where the restaurant formed a U around its main attraction.

I do remember gazing down into the table to eat, and remembering seeing seashells entrapped between the glass. I thought that the people who came up with that idea were geniuses.

Shortly after this visit, our next trip to the coast ended with disappointment. Pixie Kitchen had closed.

Years later, my mom would read in the local paper that you could purchase Pixie Kitchen plates, etc., from a kitchen resale shop downtown. This paper was tossed out, but my determined mother called up the paper, and they got her answers. Once she finally tracked down the shop, she called and they told her that, maybe years prior, they had some in stock, but not since. I have since seen them on eBay, but somehow that just seems to dissipate the magic.

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