Fishing The Oregon Coast

How about fishing the Oregon Coast. Romantic! I'm joking, right?

Romance isn't defined only by those couples who walk side-by-side into the sunset, making googly-eyes at one another and wiping the drool from their chins.

It's also about having fun and enjoying the time you have with each other, no matter what you're doing.

Here are a few things that you need to know.

Licenses (Statewide)
State and federal laws require a social security number to obtain most hunting and Oregon fishing licenses.

Other than a few exceptions, anyone who is 14 years or older must have in their possession a valid Oregon angling license.

Some of those exceptions are when taking smelt, crayfish or bullfrogs, if you are fishing on your own land, or during "Free Fishing Weekend."

resident is defined as someone who has lived in the state of Oregon for at least 6 consecutive months immediately prior to obtaining their fishing license.

From Oregon fishing license fees, fishing regulations for the year...everything you would want and need to know for a fun-filled time of fishing the Oregon coast and beyond , visit the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife web site.

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Furthering Your Fishing Experience

Boating anywhere along the coastline is an awesome experience. Combine that with deep sea, charter boat fishing or anything along those lines and you have added the elements of excitement and tonight's dinner to a well-rounded day of fun.

It's all in what you make it and many people do find it truly romantic, believe it or not.

Additionally, when going for a great stress release, many people break out the equipment and a rackety old sign that reads, GONE FISHING.

The Oregon Coast makes that time that much better, with it's fresh air, cool breezes and gorgeous scenery.

It's a soothing time of relaxation as you let an anchored boat rock you into la-la land (with one eye opened, of course) and you set your poles up, anxiously awaiting your big "one that didn't get away" stories. What a life!

Fishing the Oregon Coast provides you the best prime Salmon and Steelhead that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Landing a 30 - 50-pounder is not unheard of. In fact, there is an angler who once caught a beautiful 71-pound Chinook Salmon in October of 2002 and lived to tell about it. So, add to the the mix trying to break his record, and you have a day to remember.

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If you're an avid sportsman or woman who has your own boat and equipment, that's great. There are many businesses and visitor centers in whatever town you're in that can help you out further. On the other hand, casting off with one of many year-round or seasonal charter boats is also a terrific option.

There is no wondering where the best spots are going to be or worrying about your equipment and supplies.

Top-notch charter boats manned by expert guides allow you to leave those anxieties behind so that you can get down to some serious angling time. Oregon Coast charter boat businesses are abundant, north to south. There is always someone prepared to take you out.

Different charter packages abound and prices differ based on the length and type of trip you decide on, ranging anywhere from $75 for bottom fish up to $200 for a halibut trip. The added amenities are dependant on the cities and ports. Catches of the day include tuna, salmon, halibut, flounder, sole, rockfish and ling cod.

The businesses that cater to Oregon fisherman are so accommodating that they will actually vacuum-pack and ship your catch to your home. How's that for friendly and convenient? After your package arrives, what do you do with it? Let me provide you the standard ways to prepare your salmon and then on to some mouth-watering salmon recipes.

Of course, you can always skip the whole trip, buy some fresh seafood from one of the local markets and tell your friends that you caught it by the sweat of your brow. Shhhhhh. I promise not to tell. ;)

Let's move along to some of the best places for fishing Oregon coast....Jump right in!

For more information on fishing the Oregon coast waters, check out the website for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

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