Fond Memories of the Pixie Kitchen

by Gaylene Grossen
(Portland, Oregon)

I was a tomboy and I remember wanting to be the pixie and not the mermaid!

I was a tomboy and I remember wanting to be the pixie and not the mermaid!

I'm not sure how accurate my memory is, but it seems like my mom and dad used to take me to Pixie Kitchen quite a bit when I was a kid. I was somewhere in my single-digits (I'm 42 now) and Pixie Kitchen was a great place to be. I loved going there. It was like a tradition to stop there on our beach trips.

I remember the little scenes they had built into the walls, and the tables with stuff in them to look at. I had to read about the funhouse mirrors in a previous post before I remembered them, but now I do! I loved them! I now remember my dad had great fun with me and the mirrors. The funhouse mirrors and the cartoon bodies for photo opportunities were the first I ever saw in my life, and when I see those type of things today for kids, I always think they copied Pixie Kitchen's idea, and Pixie Kitchen's mirrors always were the funniest!

I remember sitting in the restaurant and couldn't wait to go into the gift shop to look around at even more stuff after we ate. Somewhere I'm sure I still have the little orange coin purse shaped like a fish that I got there.

I located some photos that were taken outside at Pixie Kitchen, where you could walk around on the little pathways and look at even more scenes with water and things. I don't believe I ever got to go to Pixieland. I don't think my parents were big on amusement parks. I took digital photos of the original photos so I could upload them for you. On that particular visit, I had a friend who went with my mom and me.

I am very nostalgic and this website has stirred some wonderful memories. The area where I have lived my whole life and the people who live here now have all changed so drastically. Being a native Oregonian, I feel a special tie here between the people who remember Pixie Kitchen and Pixieland. Thank you.

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Jul 24, 2009
Mother's Day at Pixie Kitchen in Lincoln City
by: oregonnative

A stop at Pixie Kitchen was a tradition for our family each Mother's Day.

I have many fond memories of watching out the windows into the magical pixie landscape. I also remember getting a little waxed bag with saltwater taffy and a small treasure. Good times.

I only wish I had a souvenir of those visits. It's great to read about others remembrances and thank you to those who shared pictures.

Aug 20, 2008
Wish Pixie Kitchen Was There
by: Wayne

I too remember Pixie kitchen.

At 41 now, still a highlight. What about the "brain teasers" on the menu?

Growing up in Roseburg, it wasn't too far away....but when I was an adult, I was so disappointed to see it closed. What great parents I had to take me there at every visit!

And Pixieland also! How sad that closed way too soon. I also remember the go-carts across from Pixie Kitchen, next to Sambo's where I kissed a girl for the first time. I'm pretty sure her name was Tammy. The business may not exist, but my memory always will, including of Tammy.

Feb 09, 2008
I Miss Pixie Kitchen
by: Anonymous

I remember visiting Pixie Kitchen in Lincoln City with my parents and sister many times as a child. I remember how good the food was.

I also remember the tables with the glass sections that were loaded with sand and seashells. Looking out at the busy courtyard while eating was awesome!

We usually had to wait for a while to be seated, and my sister and I spent lots of time searching through all the toys in the gift shop. We also visited Pixie Land a few times. I was very disappointed when both places closed, but I still enjoy the memories I have of them.

Gayla Alverson (also age 42), Tigard, Oregon

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Jan 21, 2008
Photos of Pixie Kitchen Memories, Yes Please!
by: Anonymous

I'd love to see the digital photos from your Pixie Kitchen trip.


Jan 20, 2008
Thanks For The Story!
by: Robert Mendez

Wow! Thanks so much for sharing with us all. The Pixie Kitchen was indeed one of the best memories I have when I was young.

My family and I spend a lot of time in Lincoln City and dad always had to listen to my sister and me talk about what we would do at Pixieland when we got there. haha.

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