Get Married At The Oregon Coast - Best Places To Say, "I Do."

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Deciding where to get married on the Oregon Coast is a matter of if to do it, but just weighing pros and cons. And there aren't really any cons. So, I guess it's who has the better pros than some other place. Am I being difficult? Sorry, but the choices are hard. When you're narrowing it down, you not only have to decide on where, but how. Beach, lighthouse, resort, state park, covered bridge? It's exciting to allow your creativity to go wild. 

When you get married at the coast, you're going to get a truly memorable event no matter where you choose to hold it. 

As I've said, June through September are going to be the warmest and driest months if you are planning an outdoor wedding. October is the Oregon coast's "Second Summer," so that would probably be as far out as you would want to consider. You always want to keep the weather in the back of your mind as you plan your wedding ceremony. The sun has a mystical and uncanny way of showing up right when you need it, but it's always better safe than sorry. A simple backup plan will be wise, just in case the weather doesn't decide that it wants to cooperate. 

Here are a few exceptional places for you to consider as you plan to get married at the Oregon Coast:

WildSpring Guest Habitat

wildspring guest habitat

When you think of cabins, you tend not to think of the word, "luxurious." In the case of WildSpring, you'd be mistaken. This unique resort, given the highest rating in the 2007 Best Places in the Northwest book and an Editor’s Choice, is a wonderful combination of luxury and seclusion. Situated in a forest in Port Orford, you have five richly-decorated cabins available to you, a large guest hall with a fully equipped kitchen and an open-air spa that overlooks the crashing waves of the ocean below, all at your disposal. 

Discovering such a cool place smack dab in the middle of the woods is sort of like discovering a pot at the end of a rainbow. Quite the surprise! This would be a great place to get married when you want your two families to get to really know one another. It's a terrific idea for that unique wedding experience. Find out more information....

Heceta Head Lighthouse

lighthouse wedding

If you want some really gorgeous scenic photos as well as one of the more romantic spots on the coatline, you may want to get married at this wonderful lighthouse located in Yachats. At this working light built in 1894, you can choose to get married near it or at the caretaker's house (Heceta House). 

They will give you a hand in planning the big event and the ceremony, providing sit-down catering in the Heceta House for up to 150 guests. They can also provide a canopy positioned within the large fenced area. The winds close to any lighthouse can be a little rough at times, so plan accordingly. The scenery will be something you'll never forget. Find out more about Heceta Head lighthouse...

Haystack Rock

haystack rock oregon

As you know, this is one of my favorite places that I believe sums up the beauty of the Oregon Coast. It would make an incredible backdrop for any wedding ceremony. It is a very popular place to get married on the Oregon Coast, so you will want to plan your event well in advance. For all kinds of information about Cannon Beach....

Overlook at Cape Perpetua

Overlook at Cape Perpetua

Located 2 miles south of Yachats, this very unique locale is for the more daring but hopelessly romantic couple. A short hike of around ¼ mile will lead you to this gorgeous site that is 803 feet above the ocean and boasts towering trees and a panoramic view of the coastline below. There is a stone shelter that can hold a wedding party of around 12. 

The site is not reserveable and is open to the general public. As I've state prior, people are very good at keeping their distance when they realize that a ceremony is going on, so that shouldn't be a concern. There is a day-use fee required for each vehicle. Your wedding party will not soon forget your special day here. Get contact information for the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area....

The Stephanie Inn

Stephanie Inn

Also located in Cannon Beach, The Stephanie Inn will coordinate your marriage event from top to bottom. The only thing required of you is the marriage license. Their special Elopement Package includes the officiate, a witness, your lodging for the night, a bridal bouquet, champagne, and a wedding cake. 

After the ceremony, you can retired to your room and be treated with a roaring fire, bubble bath and rose pedals on your bed. The package price is very reasonable, allowing you to save your cash for a lavish honeymoon rather than the event itself. Get more information about The Stephanie Inn....

There are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. When you get married at the Oregon Coast, it just starts a lifetime together out right. The entire ambiance and scenic beauty of the cozy towns and wide-open beaches will be sure to leave an indelible imprint on your life. It is absolutely one of the best places to say, "I do." ;) 


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