Ghosts at the Gladwinn Hotel

by Tesla
(Flint, MI U.S.)

On July 5th, 2007, my mom and her friends went to the Gladwinn Hotel.

Her friend "supposedly" had blueprints to the place. They were wandering around the place when, as my mom described it, they saw a weird looking shadow moving slowly around the area in which they were standing. They are older than me, so they described it as a figment of their imaginations. As they were wandering the hotel, they heard laughter. My mom described it as "a child's evil snicker."

All of my mom's friends were freaking out, so they told Bryan {the guy who had the blueprints} to lead them out. He told them he lost the map around the hotel. Luckily they found an open window.

My mom still shivers as she retells the story to everyone. Just goes to show you that spirits do exist! The Gladwinn Hotel is now being turned back to what it once was: a mental hospital.

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Jun 04, 2009
Mental Hospital Hotel
by: Brad

Yikes! They originally converted a mental hospital into a hotel? Sounds like trouble just waiting to happen.

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