Ghosts on Siletz Bay

by MaryBeth
(Portland, OR)

While staying at a condo on Siletz Bay on the Oregon coast, I awoke one night at 3:00 am with an insulin reaction.

After downing a yogurt and a bowl of Ben & Jerry's (naughty!), I was heading back to bed, when I looked over to the patio to see two couples, dressed in white wedding clothes, looking into our unit. I was just fixing to yell at them angrily to get out, when they turned and disappeared into night. They were all very somber looking, not happy and celebratory, like you might think of a wedding party. I went back to bed in shock.

I was pretty sure that they had not been real, but it wasn't until morning when I looked at the patio again (we were only overnight guests) and saw that the patio was completely encased in glass, that I knew I had witnessed apparitions.

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Jan 15, 2009
I Had A Strange Thing Happen....
by: Anonymous

My Mom and I were staying at an RV park on the Siletz River some years ago and one night walking back to our RV we noticed a house with its lights on and what looked like long white drapes.

We made some comment about must be nice to have a house or something to that affect.

The next morning we were walking to the bathrooms that the park provided and I noticed that the same house was abandoned and there was no way there could be lights and drapes because the windows were broke out.

It was really weird and leaves us wondering. However we're both writers and have got some great ideas from the experience.

Does anybody know anything about that house?

Oct 20, 2008
A shiver down my spine....
by: Charles from Newport

That was a pretty scary thing to happen in the middle of the night. I think I would have slept with my head covered up for the rest of the night!

Thanks for sharing!

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