Great Memories of Pixie Kitchen!

by Steve K
(Tigard, Oregon)

Any and every time my family went to Lincoln City when I was small, we'd have at least one dinner at the Pixie Kitchen.

I remember, no matter what time of evening we went, there was always a wait. I didn't mind as the waiting area was also the gift shop. There were always things to look at (as a small child, EVERYTHING was fun to look at, even if I saw the same thing over and over).

The dining room was in a large "L" shape, with every table in front of a window looking over the Pixie Gardens. I'd sit there through the whole dinner just watching all the mechanical pixies having fun, rain or shine.

I do remember the food being VERY good. In the salad bar, not only did they have very tasty deep fried cod fish balls, they have served Wheat Thins that were kept under a heat lamp. I can't eat a Wheat Thin to this day without thinking of Pixie Kitchen.

After dinner, the waitress would bring a small, wax paper bag to me (for the kids), turquoise for boys, pink for girls. Inside the bag was usually five or six jelly beans and a small prize like you'd find in a box of Cracker Jack. That usually kept me happy for the rest of the night.

But the best part of the restaurant was the basement. They had a game arcade that had a dozen or more (maybe 16) of the latest pinball machines, and other arcade style games. This was WAY before even the dawn of "pong" (If you're over your early 40's, you'll know what that was). I would eat as fast as I could so I could run downstairs and play pinball while my parents were still eating.

The inside of the restaurant itself had a very "cabin-like" feel to it. Lots and lots of wood. Wood floors, walls and ceilings. It felt very 1950's. I never knew when the place was built, but after not long ago discovering it was built in the 50's, all the wood makes sense.

I heard my parents once talking to another couple that in the summertime, you'd have to make a reservation MONTHS in advance for the prime dinner times. It wouldn't surprise me. Did I mention there was a small, working fire truck kept in the Pixie Kitchen "fire station" under the restaurant?

I seem to remember it was the late 1970's when a recession hit the Oregon Coast hard and the tourists basically stopped coming, that Pixie Kitchen started it's long, slow decline.

Before the 70's were over, although the menu was the same, the food was no where near as good, and business quickly dried up. Several different owners tried hard to keep the restaurant going. But the glory days were over. I understand that after the fire, that was the final straw, no in (or out) of the community cared enough to try to keep it going anymore. I guess all good thing things do come to an end.

After being vacant for awhile, in the mid 2000's, the wrecking ball finally claimed one of the best places ever on the Oregon Coast. When my wife and I drive into Lincoln City now, I keep hoping that the Pixie Kitchen is still there, just as I remember it and can still see Pixie Gardens from the highway. But it's gone.

On that site now is a very sterile looking Motel 6. No hint what-so-ever that there was once a place where an adult could be a kid for a short time and kids could have the time of their lives. And have a REAL GOOD meal too!

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