I Turned 7 Years Old The Day Tom McCall Dedicated Pixieland!

by Callie Lyn

I have many fond memories of The Pixie Kitchen!

I loved the moving Pixies out in the garden! Oh, and those mirrors! The tables, the colors(maybe I love turquoise and orange because of the many meals eaten here!).

My family loved to camp. We rarely ate out, unless we were just coming into town or leaving for home, or packed up and moving to another coastal town! We didn't have the money to go to Disneyland, so The Pixie Kitchen was really magical.

I looked for it later, after I'd had my own children. Those Pixie Mermaids have continued to swim around in my mind. I wondered why "The Mermaid Chair" by Sue Monk Kidd, seemed so familiar to me...it was those moving Pixies, happy, smiling, sparking.

I remember some pretty amazing clam strips too. Does anyone remember The Crab Bowl Restaurant in SW Portland, on Capital Hwy? It moved, was gone, has returned to it's old place. However, it has definitely lost it's luster! It's so TINY and I remember it being so big! All green and white, with the long lines outside, under the awning.

And the popcorn shrimp! Their salad dressing and garlic bread! Only my mom's cooking had them beat! Oh, I do wish, just for one hour, a trip with my husband and daughters to The Pixie Kitchen! They both grew up to be mermaids, one brunette, one blond, just as cute and sassy as those pixies!

Someone, bring it back! Get some fiesta ware, have a contest to rebuild the Pixie Garden! We have enough artists in Oregon to make those mermaids again! If Bruce's Candy Kitchen, our other childhood mainstay in Cannon Beach is still there, surely the Pixie Kitchen can come back to life!

I'll look for photos. Most of the photos then were of the tables of fish we caught!

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