An Interview With Josh Tenge

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Josh Tenge is one of the premier sand boarders around the globe. Listed in Guinness Book of World Records for performing a back flip measuring 44' 10", Josh grew up loving extreme sports. It's in his blood and is what drives his life.

Making his home in Florence, Oregon, I had a chance to talk with him and find out about the world champion sandboader.


My Interview with Josh

ROCV: Josh, I appreciate you talking with me and providing some information about yourself for my visitors.

ROCV: Where did you grow up and what was your childhood like?

Josh: Mostly Gig Harbor, WA. I spent time in WI also. I was an active kid who was always outside having fun and getting dirty.

ROCV: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Josh: I was always into board sports so that is what I hoped to do for a living.

ROCV: Were you a jock when you were young? What sports did you play?

Josh: I was into snowboarding, BMX, a little baseball, and skateboarding.

ROCV: When did you get interested in sandboarding? What or who got you into it?

Josh: I got into sandboarding in '97 and was introduced to it through a couple snowboard buddies who knew Dr.Dune. I had seen it in an ad or somewhere and was anxious to try it.

ROCV: Were your parents supportive of your sport?

Josh: Not at first but they came around once I started actually getting paid to do commercials.

ROCV: What was it like to be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records? Tell us about it.

Josh: It was pretty cool. My favorite book in the library I would get as a kid was the Guinness Book of Records but I never imagined I would be in it one day. So for me to see myself in there is pretty amazing. In fact, it's huge!

ROCV: Where in the world have you gone to compete?

Josh: Peru, the United States, and Dubai. I've done TV shows in the Yukon and Egypt as well.

ROCV: What awards have you won in your sandboarding career?

Josh: 4 world championships, 5 national championships, South American championship, 5 pro titles, 3 world records.

ROCV: What do you do to keep busy? Any other hobbies?

Josh: Mostly, I sand board but I also am a certified snowboard instructor and spend my winters on the snow, keeping in shape for the sand. I like paint ball, shooting pool (I compete), bow hunting, video editing and working out.

ROCV: Why do you like the Oregon Coast? Where do you live now?

Josh: I like Florence because the climate is moderate, it's beautiful and it has lots to do and see. Plus it has awesome dunes with some of the best sand I've ridden. I also like not having to pump my own gas!

ROCV: If you weren't able to sandboard any longer, what would you be doing?

Josh: BMX or snowboarding. If I wasn't physically able to do those, I would be shooting video of sandboarding and snowboarding.

ROCV: Any advise for people wanting to get into sandboarding?

Josh: The more you sandboard, the better it gets. It's a sport where you get to have fun and get a work out at the same time. It's great to be a part of something so new.

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Rapid Response Time w/ Josh Tenge:

ROCV: Favorite color?

Josh: Camo

ROCV: Favorite food?

Josh: Pad Thai ( Thai food squid )

ROCV: Favorite drink?

Josh: Milk (yes milk!)

ROCV: Favorite television show?

Josh: South Park

ROCV: Favorite movie?

Josh: The Big Lebowski

ROCV: Favorite type of music?

Josh: Anything with soul

ROCV: Favorite music?

Josh: Just old school soul, Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, James Brown.

ROCV: Any girlfriend or wife?

Josh: I've never been married.

ROCV: Anything else you would like to say, go for it.

Josh: Sandboarding is an awesome sport. It's like being on the slope and at the beach at the same time. The falls are pretty soft and you can ride at your own level and have a blast every time. It's also a great spectator sport. Grandparents tell me it's a sport for them because they have such a good time watching their grandkids and laughing all day. The dunes are very relaxing. No phones, no hassles, just fun and healthy activity.

ROCV: Josh, thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me.

Josh: You're welcome.

For more information on Josh Tenge, visit

Sand Master Park
87542 Hwy 101, North
Florence, OR 97439
(541) 997-6006

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