Kite Flying Along The Oregon Coast

Kite flying on the Oregon coast is just something you do. For a good many locals it's as normal a thing as taking a breath.

The perfect wind conditions brought on by mixing warm equatorial air and cold polar air have made this a very popular sport.

The coastal communities know a good thing when they see it. As a result, there are numerous kite festivals that are hosted up and down the coastline and kite shops abound in nearly every city.

People from as far away as Europe, the Orient and Australia come to the Oregon Coast to enjoy these perfect kite-flying conditions and participate in good, healthy competitions.

This is a real treat for casual observers who have simply come to visit and been totally surprised by this very fun activity. It's addictive and it doesn't take long until they have "the fever" and a kite of their very own! ;)

kite flying oregon coast

The most well-known of the kite festivals is held in Lincoln City, known as the "Kite Capitol of the World" and was named by Kitelines Magazine as one of the best places to fly kites in North America. That is quite the honor!

Because of it's location on the 45th parallel, the winds are absolutely ideal for flying kites. Lincoln City hosts three kite festivals every year: two outdoor, during the summer and fall, and one indoor. 

If you are an expert, you will welcome with open arms the clean air that rolls in from the Pacific Ocean. If a novice, you're definitely going to notice a difference in wind conditions.

During the outdoor kite festivals in Lincoln City, there are competitions, Japanese flying battles, workshops, and demonstrations. The two outdoor festivals during the summer and fall seasons are held on the beach near the D-River Wayside. 

The first Lincoln City indoor kite festival was hosted in 2004 is held during the winter months, making kite flying on the Oregon Coast a year-round activity. No wind exists and the gracefulness of an indoor kite is almost like watching a ballet or professional ice skating. 

Annual Oregon coast kite festivals are also held at Rockaway Beach and Brookings-Harbor.

Oregon Coast Kite Festivals

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