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Manzanita, Oregon, in Tillamook County, is a picturesque coastal town on the Northern Oregon Coast. Located 100 miles west of Portland (about 2 hours), via Hwy 26, 13 miles south of Cannon Beach and 25 miles north of Tillamook.

It's a great little community to hide out in. There are a number of well known vacation spots on the northern coastline and that makes this little known treasures all the more special.

Like Pacific City and a few other smaller coastal towns, this lovely tourist town (meaning "little apple' in Spanish) is an escape from the tourism of the other larger cities.

The city is so peaceful it is actually considered crime-free. In this day and age, that is not only something to boast about, but also a place you would seriously considered living.

The area is actually made up of the three cities of Nehalem, Wheeler and Manzanita (the largest of the three towns).

Second homes and vacation homes are a large part of the town's makeup. In fact, according to a 2005 census, there are typically only 615 full-time residents living there. Many of the people who enjoy it's rest and relaxation are non-residents.

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Manzanita Oregon Coast

Touting a family-friendly community feel to it, it's a lovely place for some relaxing activities such as golfing at the local public 9-hole executive length golf course where you can play a quiet game or two, kayaking, antiquing, crabbing, Funcycling, or walking the 7 mile expanse of beach.

Heading toward the south, you'll be able to enjoy the sight of seals lounging on the jetty, along with heron and other gorgeous birds. If you feel slightly adventurous, take a hike up the trail of Neahkahnie Mountain and you'll be able to catch a breathtaking view of the beautiful Pacific Ocean, northern coastline and gorgeous western sunsets.

Indian legend says that Neahkahnie mountain is the home of a god named E-Kan-Ni. It is also believed that Spanish treasure is still buried on the mountain. Aye, matey! ;) 

manzanita oregon coast

Lying among the cities of Nehalem, Wheeler and our city of interest are a few very nice state parks (including Arcadia Beach, Hug Point, and Oswald West State Park) which have some well-maintained hiking and horse trails and some great picnicking areas. These are perfect spots to enjoy a packed lunch, a good bottle of wine and some private smooching. 

The three towns sit only a couple miles apart from one another and offer visitors all the amenities necessary for a cozy little vacation, including grocery stores, video rental stores, a pharmacy, some very nice hotels, and tasty restaurants. Find yourself a northern Oregon Coast rental and snuggle in for a long weekend. 

For a slower pace and some lovely scenery, consider this great little town and the surrounding area for your next Oregon Coast vacation.

For more information, contact:

The City of Manzanita
543 Laneda Avenue

Manzanita, OR 97130
(503) 368-5343

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