My Addiction to the Pixie Kitchen

by Dee Dee
(Henderson, NV)

I used to live in Salem and my parents would take us to Lincoln City. We would always stop at Pixie Kitchen. I almost always ate a hamburger, but never before I was encouraged to "just try" the shrimp.

One day after much "encouragement", I mustered up enough courage to just try a shrimp. Needless to say, I LOVED it. I am now addicted to shrimp and any chance I get to eat it, I take it.

As a kid, I remembered sitting at the window seat, looking out over the area watching all of the characters. It was such a dream world for me. As a parent, I have wanted to take my children to experience the same excitement as I did. I was saddened to find out that the Pixie Kitchen is no longer existing.

I still am planning on taking my children to Lincoln City to stay a couple of days for Christmas this year. It is one of the many places I remember from my childhood. Maybe we will make new memories in Lincoln City.

Thank you for such wonderful memories and such a delicious addiction.

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