Oregon Coast Beach Cleanup - Keep It Clean!

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The yearly Oregon coast beach cleanup is an event that sets us apart from the rest of the country, maybe the world. We love our Oregon beaches and want to keep them shiny and clean for everyone to enjoy. In true Oregon spirit, these events are held a couple times each year in order to see that happen.

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Unfortunately, not everyone shares the zeal for clean beaches and that's why the beach clean up events came about. Although, you're going to enjoy some of the most pristine beaches in the country when visiting the Oregon coast, not everything is always perfect....yet.

You may happen across pop or beer yokes, cigarettes, bags, netting, fishing line, and other bad stuff that just shouldn't be there. Not only is it an eye-sore, but can also cause real problems for our animal life, both in and out of the sea.

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Oregon SOLVE was born in 1969 under the leadership of then-governor Tom McCall. Through the zeal and dedication of the volunteers working for SOLV, the state of Oregon went into major overhaul mode to clean the state up and keep it that way.

In 1984, though, it was two state employees from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Oregon Refuse and Recycling Association that orchestrated the very first state-wide coastal cleanup program known as the theBeach and Riverside Cleanup project. This is very good news for you and I, being people who love the Oregon coast and walking the lovely beaches, trash-free.

Each year in the Spring and Fall, there is a call for volunteers to come to the coast and help clean it up. Luckily, thousands of Oregonians answer that call. The goal is to keep trash and debris from reaching the ocean and harming our waters and wildlife. A lot of these things naturally don't break down.

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Every year, more and more people turn out to top the numbers of the last. The Oregon coast beaches can stay as pretty as they are only if we all take the initiative to make that happen. Of course, preventing it is always going to be the simplest route. If people don't litter, there is nothing to clean up. Makes sense, right?

If you are a resident of the great state of Oregon, I want to encourage you to set aside two weekends a year to get involved and participate in the Oregon coast beach cleanup. Trust me when I say that working on the beach is mucho better than a cubicle in a stuffy office building. We could do a lot worse than getting some fresh air as we keep our beaches clean.

For more information on how you can get involved and when the Beach and Riverside Cleanups are happening, hop over the the SOLV web site.

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