Oregon Coast Camping

Oregon Coast camping, as most camping, has changed drastically over the years....and all for the better, if you ask me.

As I was saying, Daniel Boone I am not! ;)

When I was a kid, camping was in a wet tent, eating slop from a can and dealing with mosquitoes buzzing your ears all night and leaving you itchy little gifts to remember them by.

No more!

Call me prissy, but my idea of roughing it is a Motel 6! haha. I have a ton of friends who consider camping the ultimate adventure. I really don't see it.

Campgrounds and state parks have so many neat ways to spend your vacation time now, that it really takes Oregon Coast camping to a whole new level.

Here are some of the best ways to stay and play when talking that special Oregon coast vacation.

oregon coast cabins


Some cabins along the coast are almost like doing nothing more than relocating your home. Multiple beds, futon couches, microwave ovens, gas grills, televisions, showers and bathrooms....the list goes on.

Just bring the normal camping stuff: dishes, bedding and food.

You're set! Depending on the type, size and goodies inside, cabins range anywhere from $20 to upwards of $80 per night.

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oregon coast tepees


Measuring 18' to 26' in diameter, these authentically decorated tepees are great fun for Oregon Coast camping. While not as decked out as a cabin may be, the tepees along the Oregon Coast sleep up to 12 people (depending on the size (the tepee size, not the people!)), usually have futon mattresses and fire pits outside for cooking.

Bring bedding, food and dishes.

Tepees tend to run about $30 per night.

oregon coast yurts


I only found out about Yurts a couple of months back. They are usually wood framed and covered in canvas and, although interesting to look at, you wouldn't expect there would be much to them inside. Wrong. They usually have beds and mattresses for multiple people, kitchens with refrigerators and microwaves, bathrooms and showers, televisions and VCRs, and a few extra niceties.

Bring bedding, food and dishes, as usual.

Depending on the season, you can get a Oregon Coast Yurt for around $30 and up, per night.

Look into Oregon coast yurts....

oregon coast wagon


These are really interesting. Very cool to look at, they usually sleep 4, have electricity and outdoor fire pits. I haven't stayed in one of these yet, but I'm going to make it a priority next time I take a Oregon Coast camping vacation.

Bedding, dishes and food are your necessities of the day.

The price for a one night stay is around $30.

For an closer look at these cool ways to camp at the Oregon Coast, download the Camping Lite Brochure in the Travel Guide Books section

Of course, you can always opt for the traditional tent or extravagant RV. If you're an RV'er, make sure you stop by the Guild Book section and grab your copy of the Oregon Coast RV Camping Guide. The point is, Oregon Coast camping has been made more fun and romantic!

Not all cabins, yurts, tepees and wagons are available year round. You usually need to be 18 or over in order to rent them. Some allow pets and smoking, while others don't. These are all things to find out about from the park or campsite you stay at.

camping on the beach

What About Camping On The Beach?

Thanks to the wonderful Oregon "beach bill," you are allowed to pitch a tent directly on the beach, but there are a couple rules you need to abide by. First, you cannot camp within view of a home or business and, next, you are strictly forbidden to camp adjacent to a Oregon state park. You may want to check with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department for anything else you should know.

Where Are The Best Places To Camp?

There are so many places to pitch your tent along the Oregon coastline. The list is exhausting. Rather than be redundant, let me point you to the Oregon State Parks web site. It has an awesome search tool for you to find all the Oregon campsites and state parks, North to South. It's a great resource!

Follow the rules of the beach, use your best judgment and have a great time with some leisurely, relaxing time along the lovely Oregon coast.

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