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Year round, there are more than enough Oregon coast events to keep you busy and happy.

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Relaxation at the coast is a priority. To do absolutely nothing is a big something in and of itself. Grabbing a coffee, sitting on the beach, watching the seagulls fly overhead. It's spectacular! Then there are those times when you bring friends or family on board and it's time for an agenda.

Events on the Oregon coast are plentiful, from January to December, and back again. ;) Some of the more famous Oregon coast events are the Sandcastle Festivals and the Kite Festivals. If you want some big time fun with tons of other locals and visitors to the beaches, you'll want to put those particular events on your yearly calendar.

Below is a list of some of the best Oregon coast events:

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  • Kite Festivals 
    Attending or even participating in the Oregon coast kite festivals is a popular activity around the area. As you travel up and down the shores, you'll find many people flying kites recreationally and many cities hold these large kiting festivals. They really draw the crowds. These festivals are for both outdoor and indoor competitions.

  • Finders Keepers in Lincoln City
    From mid-October through Memorial Day, Lincoln City hosts their annual event called, "Finders Keepers." The city of Lincoln City scatters hand-made glass floats along their wonderful 7.5 miles of public beaches. What you find, you keep! Simple as that and mucho fun as people compete to find the biggest, most unique, and most beautiful Japanese glass floats around!

  • Sandcastle Festivals 
    As I said, the sandcastle building contests are some of the most popular Oregon coast events. You will love getting to go and spending a day or more at one or all of the annual sandcastle contests. Bring a bucket and join the fun.

  • Seafood Festivals
    Wow! Food for the ocean as far as the eye can see. My stomach is grumbling just thinking about it. There are a number of Oregon coast seafood festivals you'll be treated to. Live music, cooking demonstrations and competitions, and loads of freshly caught and cooked sea food to put in your belly.

  • Crabbing and Clamming Clinics
    Every year, the Lincoln City Visitor and Convention Bureau sponsors a summer's worth of crabbing and clamming clinics, where you can come down, hear a lecture or sit through an orientation by the pros on the ins-and-outs of catching, cleaning, and cooking the delectable creatures and then do some hands-on working bagging them yourself.

    No registration is required for these great Oregon coast events, but you must have a shellfish license and your own equipment. Click here for all the information and dates.

  • Annual Beach and Riverside Cleanup
    Twice a year, volunteers from all over the state of Oregon come together to make a massive sweep of the Oregon coast beaches to make sure they are clean for visitors, locals, and wildlife.

  • Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival
    Each year, the beaches of Rockaway, OR are invaded by the scurviest of dogs...pirates, thar be! Food, drink, vendors, games for the kids. All the fun things pirates don't normally represent, but do on the Oregon coast.

For even more events on the Oregon coast, grab some of the material from my Travel Guide section or contact any of the city Chamber of Commerce to ask them about sending you some visitor and tourism information.  Have fun, but don't forget about that relaxing thing, too! ;)

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