Oregon Coast Real Estate - Living At The Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast real estate is a treasured and marvelous thing to own.

Visiting is wonderful, but finding a home for sale and living there full-time, year-round is a dream come true.

Think about it for a minute. Close your eyes.....really, close them for a second. No peeking!

Picture yourself waking up in the coolness of the day. Do you smell the salt air? Can you hear the seagulls calling "good morning" to you?

oregon coast real estate

As you get out of bed and go downstairs, you make yourself a nice pot of fresh coffee or put a kettle of water on for tea.

You walk out onto your porch or your deck and see the spectacular Pacific Ocean in front of you, it's waves lapping the shore that is now at your front door.

Holy cow! This is actually your home! You LIVE here! If that doesn't give you goose bumps and warm fuzzy feelings, you may want to check your pulse! ;)

Thinking about buying a home in the crowded suburbs? Dreading paying off that never-ending home mortgage? Playing the game of refinancing your present home? It may seriously be time to think about chucking it all and moving to the coast.

Get away from the rat-race. None of us are getting any younger and mortgage rates are not getting any lower. Dealing with anything related to real estate can have you pulling your hair out. You just have to remember. it's all a means to an end.

Grabbing the perfect piece of Oregon real estate along the coastline that you can call your own, where the sea reaches out for your doorstep, may chase away the blues for good.

So, whether you are looking at a luxury vacation home, summer vacation home, or a condo or community to retire, you can't beat the beautiful Oregon Coast for prime-choice real estate. Think of it as if you were getting in on Microsoft stock when they first went public. Yeah, that good! ;)

I want to provide you with the Oregon Coast real estate-related information you'll need to make the best decisions on where to settle down.

You'll definitely want to research all you can when it comes to financing, mortgages, home loans, etc. Find the people, agencies and services that you feel will treat you best and then go for it. The end result will be so worth the effort you put in.

Here are a few resources to help you out:

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On To The Coast....

The Oregon Coast is broken down into 3 sections and all of them make great places for a permanent stay:

Northern - from Astoria to Pacific City

Central - from Lincoln City to Florence

Southern - from North Bend to Brookings

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Whether you decide to look for your home-away-from-home or the place you want to stay the rest of your days, the Oregon Coast is the perfect choice to do it at. Although each section is quite different in what they have to offer, you really can't miss when it comes to the tranquillity and beauty of the entire coastline.

Oregon Coast real estate property can sometimes be hard to come by, but it can be found. Don't give up your dream.

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