Oregon Coast Timeshare Property

Have you ever considered Oregon Coast timeshare property? There are quite a few very nice resorts up and down the coastline that offer timeshare opportunities. 

Timeshares are also referred to as Vacation Ownership.

Just as a precursor, the more I researched the world of timeshares, the more I wondered why I was considering writing a section about the subject.

There are many scammers out there dealing in the timeshare business. Deciding to go ahead with it, I wanted to provide as much background information, covering both the positive and the negative aspects and allowing you to make up your own minds.

That being said, let's look at a little history first.

Timeshares - A Brief History

oregon coast timeshare

The idea of a timeshare originally came from Europe in the 1960s. At that time, a French Alps ski resort developer started marketing his resort rooms as for-sales rather than rentals, offering visitors a chance to call a piece of the property their own.

The opportunity to own became extremely popular with his guests and soon, other developers were doing the same sort of thing.

What Exactly Is A Timeshare?

In a nutshell, a timeshare is a piece of property that a group of people buy into, allowing each buyer a certain length of time each year to enjoy it. Time allowed is usually a week.

The developer of that property makes the initial property purchase and then divides the resort units up. They are then marketed and sold to buyers who will use that unit for a particular time each year.

Actually, you can usually purchase on a fixed or floating week schedule. The fixed allows you a week at the same time, each year, while the floating gives you the elbow room to schedule your week, anytime during a certain season, if it's available.

With a Deeded Timeshare, as the owner, you can will, sell, rent or give away the property to whomever you wish. It's just like owning a home because you own it forever and it's yours to do with as you please.

Under the contract of a Right-To-Use Timeshare, the vacation property is yours to use for a certain number of years. After the contract expires, all rights revert back to the property developer. 


A Few Words of Warning

 Just like any brilliant idea, there are some people who will take it and make it shady. In the 70s and 80s, underhanded timeshare salesmen slithered out from under their rocks and gave the concept quite the back eye, making it extremely difficult for many reputable sellers to break free of that stigma.

I'm sure you've all received the cold-calls by people telling you that you've won a terrific vacation in some beautiful place or a new car.

All you need to do to collect your prize, they tell you, is to come in for a 90-minute presentation. Ugh! Your stomach drops because you know it's just a sales pitch. You know you're getting the royal treatment and it's not in the least bit nice. I've seen these snake oil salesman in action today.

I just don't understand how people like that can sleep soundly at night, knowing full well that they are taking advantage of others. Here's a video that will give you a good idea of their slick ways of dealing with potential buyers.

Not all timeshare deals are like that, so don't write them all off because of a few rotten eggs. There's always going to be the bad with the good, in anything. All this means is do your research, don't rush into anything and trust your gut instinct.

If the whole thing starts to make you uncomfortable, walk away and don't look back. As fabulous as any coastal property is, you'll still want to be wise when looking at an Oregon Coast timeshare. 

You should also be aware that all timeshares come with, what is called, a yearly maintenance. This is due every year for the duration of your ownership. The fee covers utilities, insurance, furniture and deferred maintenance. So, to make it worth your hard-earned cash, you had better be prepared to use it.

Popularity of Oregon Coast Timeshares

oregon coast time share

In spite of some bad press throughout the years, timeshares are still very popular. So much so that many big names in the travel and vacation industry have gotten into the game, calling their offerings, "Vacation Clubs."

Names such as Ramada, Disney, Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt. These clubs do allow you the option of vacationing in their different resorts throughout the world, each year. Their units are sold as both Deeded and Right-To-Use. 

You can probably feel pretty safe doing business with these bigger names when it comes to purchasing an Oregon Coast timeshare. After all, they do have more of a reputation to lose than smaller guys.

Nevertheless, don't ever let your guard down when dealing with large amounts of money. Always do your research and proceed with caution. Ask friends that may own one. And always remember that Google can be your best friend! ;)

Oregon Coast Timeshare Resales in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most striking coastline in the United States. These breathtaking vistas have a lot to do with what makes Oregon a premiere romantic getaway.

Lush, golden cliffs drop off into the Pacific Ocean and every evening the scene is drizzled by honey-colored sunset rays. Romantic accommodations are in no short supply either. 

Oregon Coast timeshare resales are perfect for intimate escapes with your loved one. Often located right on the coast, you can spend your holiday with the water right outside your door. 

Oregon Coast Timeshare resales help you attain well-appointed lodging for a low cost. The resale market has many properties in Oregon and all around the Pacific Northwest available for thousands less than resort rates.

Cozy and peaceful accommodations don't have to be expensive. Also, you may only want to rent instead of buy a timeshare. You certainly have that option. 

Many vacationers prefer to rent timeshares because there are no contracts or maintenance fees involved. It is attributes like these that maketimeshares for rent so hassle-free. It is always good when you can describe your vacation accommodations as low cost and no stress. Oregon has a little something for all lovers. 

Find an Oregon Coast timeshare that suits your getaway expectations and spend a romantic week in the Pacific Northwest. 

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