Oregon Coast Yurt Rentals

You'll find Oregon coast Yurt rentals up and down the coastline in some of the loveliest Oregon state parks.

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These funky little structures for outdoor lovers actually gained their huge popularity right here in the state of Oregon. Renting a yurt for your stay is the best of both worlds: camping and rustic for those who like roughing it, but homey enough that those who give camping a "meh" will feel like they're not sharing their trip with the animals.

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Oregon coast yurts are oval or rounded structures made of wood and covered with a canvas roof top.

The basic ones (or Rustic Yurts) are approximately 16' in diameter, consist of one, large open space, have electricity, heat, and lights, and sleep multiple people, usually on futon couches, bunk beds, or other simple bedding.

They are decorated with coffee tables and chairs, have locking doors, and skylights to let the moonlight in when evening comes around.

Outside, you will find a fire pit and picnic table (be prepared to do your cooking outside). The things that you will need on your "to bring list" are bedding, food, and your own dishes. If you're a camper by natural, just the usual stuff will do.

All in all, a fun time for campers who may not have good-sized tents or RVs or simply for those wanting the adventure of staying in one of the Oregon coast yurts.

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If you're looking for something a little more luxurious, you can upgrade to a Deluxe Yurt that has a few more uptown amenities.

The big "BUT" is that the only Deluxe Yurts you will find is on the southern Oregon coast at Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, very close to Winchester Bay.

A Deluxe version is 24' around and boasts the additions of bathrooms, showers, TV, VCR, microwave, fridge, dining table, and a small kitchen. 

Oregon coast yurt rentals go for around $30 per night and up, all year long, and are extremely popular, so you'll want to make sure you reserve months ahead of time. There is a no smoking rule and pets are not allowed at all locations. That may that restriction change soon, so it's best to ask when you call. 

Most every Oregon coast state park is completely ADA accessible for people with disabilities. 

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Oregon coast Yurt rentals:

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  • Cape Lookout State Park, Tillamook OR - 503-842-4981 - 9 Standard, 4 ADA
  • Fort Stevens State Park, 10 miles W of Astoria - 503-861-1671 - 5 Standard, 10 ADA
  • Nehalem Bay State Park, Nehalem, OR - 503-368-5154 - 2 Standard, 16 ADA



  • Beachside State Recreation Site, 3 miles S of Waldport - 541-563-3220 -2 Standard Yurts
  • Beverly Beach State Park, Newport, OR - 541-265-9278 - 15 Standard, 6 ADA
  • Devils Lake State Recreation Area, Lincoln City, OR - 541-994-2002 - 8 Standard, 2 ADA
  • Honeyman Memorial State Park, Florence, OR - 541-997-3641 - 8 Standard, 2 ADA
  • South Beach State Park, Newport, OR - 541-867-4715 - 3 Standard, 24 ADA
  • Washburne Memorial State Park, Florence, OR - 541-547-3416 - 2 Standard



  • Bullard Beach State Park, Bandon, OR - 541-347-2209 - 10 Standard, 3 ADA
  • Harris Beach State Park, Brookings, OR - 541-469-2021 - 5 Standard, 1 ADA
  • Sunset Bay State Park, Coos Bay, OR - 541-888-4902 - 5 Standard, 3 ADA
  • Tugman State Park, 8 miles S of Reedsport - 541-759-3604 - 4 Standard, 12 ADA
  • Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, Winchester Bay, OR - 541-271-4118 - 2 Standard (Deluxe)


If you're looking for a unique adventure that you can share with friends and/or family, choosing to stay in any of the Oregon coast yurt rentals would be an awesome choice. Be sure to take lots of photos to show those who would have no idea what you're talking about. ;)

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