Oregon State Parks - Rules and Fees

Every one of the Oregon state parks have a sign prominently posted to explain to you the rules and fees there. All tend to have specifics, but there are some general guidelines that apply to all parks. Below are the standard Oregon park rules and fees:

Check-In and Check-out Times:

With the majority of Oregon parks, the check-in time is anytime after 4 pm and the time to pack your things and move out by is 1 pm. 

Day-Use Fees:

If you are a registered camper at any one of the Oregon state parks, you don't have to sweat any type of fee to park for the day.

The receipt you received upon entrance to your particular campground of choice serves as your proof that you're allowed to park, free of change. If you are not registered to stay, the parks will charge you a fee of $3.00 for day-use parking. 

If you visit the parks regularly, you can obtain a 12-month pass for $25 (it's reduced to $20 in December) or 24-month day-use parking pass for $40. These give you unlimited access to any of the parks.

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Extra Vehicles Allowed:

When reserving a camp site at any of the Oregon state parks, you are allowed only one vehicle. Space is a factor. That tends to be the rule, but is completely up to the park manager. They may allow more, so it's a good idea to find out when making your reservation what the rules are. Some of the parks do allow two vehicles, but most will charge you $5.00 per extra vehicle per night. The fee is in place to offset the cost related to maintenance of the park and noise control. The second vehicle can not be a RV, camper of tent trailer.


Number of People allowed in Sites:

Although the Park's manager reserves the right to raise or lower the number of people allowed in a camp site, the number is generally eight people to a site. 

Firewood is available at most of the Oregon state parks for a small fee. 


Your Pets:

Unless the park you are visiting has an off-lead area designated, your pet must be on a leash at all times when outside or when they are in a vehicle or tent. The leash needs to be 6 feet long or less. You also need to be aware that it is very important that you clean up after your pets, for obvious reasons. If you don't, you can be fined for it. 

The only time pets are allowed in Yurts, Tepees, Covered Wagons or Cabins is if they are service animals. Otherwise, it's a no-no. There are also certain trails that your pet will not be allowed on as a safety precaution. Check with the park manager and find out if there are any. Better safe than sorry. 


Park Quiet Hours:

Quiet hours for a park is pretty much a forehead-slapper than makes complete sense. After all, you are not always surrounded by four walls and your neighbors may be only a few 100 yards from you. The rule is from 10 pm to 7 am, but I suggest you use your best judgment. Don't be blaring your radio at 7:01 am. You'll turn out to be one of the least popular campers there. Think of how you would want to be treated.

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Those of the rules you will find throughout the Oregon state parks when related to camping. Not too much to have to worry about really.

As I said, ask the park manager and raise any concerns you may have when first making your reservation. That way, you know what is expected of you. The Oregon parks want you to have a wonderful stay there and be excited about returning year after year. Now, it's time to find a great Oregon State Park to bed down at.


Have a great time! ;)

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