Pet Friendly Hotels and Motels Along The Oregon Coast

Looking for a pet friendly Oregon coast hotel? The vacation sounds heavenly, but what are you to do with Fido or Fluffy?

There are many pet-friendly hotels to accommodate you and man's (or woman's) best friend. That is, dog friendly and cat friendly. Please leave your pet snake at home. Thank you from all of us! ;)

Pets are a large part of so many people's lives. They are companions, protectors and are many times regarded as family.

If you are one of those people who would not want to have to leave your dog or cat at home and think they would enjoy some time to romp on the beach, not to worry.

Pets are welcome up and down the coast and there are ample pet friendly hotels and motels to accommodate all of you, furry and not. Kids and Pets ALWAYS Stay Free at Motel 6. Click Here to Plan Your Vacation! 

In a study conducted by, 75% of travelers take their pets on vacation with them. That's a huge number of people showing some extra love to their "extended family members." ;) 

When traveling, there are a few things to consider if you plan to take your pet along with you.

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Traveling by Plane w/ your Pet

  • Call ahead to the airline to make sure that they can accommodate your pet. Most airlines, to my knowledge, are pet friendly and will want to accommodate you. Even though, there are times that they may deny you if there are already too many pets onboard your flight.

  • If your pet is any larger than a smaller dog, they will not be able to sit with you in the cabin area and you will have to check them as cargo.

  • You will need to house your pet in a carrier for the trip. Most pet supply stores will be able to help and many airlines have them. Make sure the carrier is large enough that your pet can sit, lie down and turn around in.

  • Never let your pet out of the carrier in the airport. You don't want them getting away from you.

  • Make sure your pet's carrier and the pet themselves have proper identification, including an address and phone number. I'm sure you wouldn't mind getting accidentally sent to Hawaii, but they would. ;)

  • It's a good pre-flight idea to take a leashed pet for a long walk prior to boarding.

  • Never sedate your pet. The sedative combined with the high-altitude can be very dangerous to them.

Traveling By Bus or Train w/ your Pet

  • Most of the above applies to traveling with your pet by bus or train.

  • Smaller pets that are housed in carriers can usually travel for free.


 Traveling By Car w/ your Pet

  • It's a good idea to keep your pet in a carrier in your vehicle. In case of an accident or sudden stop, you don't want your pet to go flying. There are safety straps that act as seat belts that can be purchased for your pet.

  • There are far too many pets that die of heat stroke every year. Never leave your pet in a hot car and it is best to leave at least two windows slightly cracked so that there is a cross-breeze. A boiling car is not pet friendly :(

  • You may consider tranquilizers for your pet. Many of them do not travel well in vehicles. 


Pet Friendly Beach Access

The open and spacious areas along the coastline are very pet friendly. The beaches will give them so much room to run and enjoy themselves, providing them great exercise and fresh, ocean air. They will tend to love playing in the water, fetching sticks and sleeping on the sand.

Most places require pets to be on a leash. Beach Access signs will let you know if they can be released to run or not. Make sure that you keep control of your pet, don't allow them to chase the wildlife and please make sure that they keep their distance from other animals and people, unless they are welcomed.

Make sure you bring baggies and such to clean up after your pets. Having them on the beaches is a privilege, not a right so please be a responsible owner and everyone will have a great time. The Oregon Coast beaches thank you. ;)

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Let's me show you pet friendly lodging around the Oregon Coast

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