Pixie Kitchen And Clam Chowder Lover

by Donna
(Portland, Oregon)

The Pixie Kitchen in Lincoln City was the absolute best! We used to go to Lincoln City a lot in the 60's.

It was my Mom and her girlfriends' getaway place. They would take myself and the four other children there - my best friend (still to this day), her brother and my two sisters.

Our first stop was always Pixie Kitchen for a creamy, steaming bowl of clam chowder. We would gaze into the silly funhouse mirrors on the way in. When we were done eating, we would go out back and be mesmerized by the mechanical Pixies, "swimming" around on their track. It was fascinating. I loved it. It was almost as good as Disneyland.

None of the souvenirs of my childhood remain. I believe I had a felt, pointy, coned shaped hat, with a feather in it that said, "pixie kitchen" on it.

We drove by Pixieland many, many times, being told that "we couldn't afford" it. We did stop one time though. I don't remember much of it. The train is my best memory.

As for more recent Pixie sightings:

About 10 years ago, I was in my favorite antique mall in Lincoln City -"My Little Antique Mall".

In the back portion of the building, they have some of the original Plywood pixies high up on the walls. It always makes me smile when I see them.

They also had for sale in one of the display cases, a whole bunch of the original ceramic pixies in the original boxes. When I inquired about them, the shop owners said that after the restaurant closed, someone bought the building. Evidently, in the basement or store room, they found all of this unopened gift shop stock. I believe there are six different kinds. The pixies were all with an "Ocean Lake" stamp on them. That is what part of the area was called before it became known collectively as Lincoln City.

There is a great book store (left hand side) south of the bowling alley, by the actors theatre. The bookstore is full of vintage memorabilia. There is a set of the ceramic pixies in there.

Happy Pixie Hunting... I hope you see some on your next visit!!

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Jul 10, 2010
Pixieland/Pixie Kitchen
by: Trina

I was only four when I went to Pixieland, but i still remember going there. I remember driving by and seeing it on our way to the coast.

It will always be one of my favorite memories of my childhood.

I still have the blue Pixieland Platter pictured at the top of this original post.

I would love to see Pixie Kitchen back in business. I have told my kids stories of it as we pass the location where it used to be.

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