Pixie Kitchen And Special Family Memories

by Kelli
(McMinnville, Oregon)

Our family celebrated special events, birthdays, Mother's Day, etc., with a drive to the Pixie Kitchen.

We also loved the mirrors, entertaining ourselves looking at all the gift shop items while waiting to be called to our table.

My parents used to bring each of us a cod ball from the salad bar...yum! I'd have made a meal of them & have tried without much success to make them myself a few times.

My grandparents had purchased some stock in Pixie Land because they owned a cabin nearby and our family spent lots of time in the area.

I loved the log flume, the chairs you rode through in the dark, the licorice ropes, and the cages near the front of the park that you climbed into and used your body weight to swing. We always got it just to the top then chickened out on propelling ourselves over and around for a complete circle.

The spot now is just empty field. It's hard to believe there was once anything there. The wonderful memories of Pixie Kitchen and Pixie Land remain however!

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Mar 17, 2012
Thanks For Pixie Land Reminders
by: Anonymous

I forgot about so much of the Pixie Land stuff - the cages and the ride through the dark - until you wrote that.

Oooooh! The cod balls! I never had the courage to try to make them. Guess maybe I'll have to try now.

I'm sure I can still remember how they tasted. Even though they were so dry, I still loved them. Wonder if I still would now. Hmmm, if I figure out the recipe, I'll share it with you.

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