Pixie Kitchen: My FAVORITE restaurant as a very small child!

by Jody
(Sweet Home, OR)

Grandparents Property Across from Pixieland

Grandparents Property Across from Pixieland

Well, I was very little when the Pixie Kitchen closed in the 80s, but the photos I've seen of it have brought back fond memories of eating there with my dad, my aunts, and, I think, my late grandma as well.

I recall sitting along the windows, looking out at the "pixies" .. just like in the photos. How could any child NOT want to go to eat at Pixie Kitchen?

It saddens me that it's no longer there, because I can picture taking my little ones to it now .. they'd love it just as much as I did.

And, speaking of Pixie Kitchen, I think of the Pixieland Amusement Park that was only open for a handful of years (well before I was even born).

My grandparents lived right across Hwy 18 from where Pixieland once was, not too far from Otis. I've been told that from my grandparents house (up a gravel road) you could clearly see Pixieland (probably close to all of it). After my grandmother & grandfather passed away, their home/property was sold to the U.S. Forest Service (just as the Pixieland property was) and the house & everything was tore down.

Their property, just as Pixieland, nearly has vanished underneath overgrown blackberries, weeds & trees.

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