PIXIE KITCHEN: My Most Anticipated Place to Visit As A Kid

by Sally Dodd
(Portland, Oregon)

My Pixie Kitchie Mug

My Pixie Kitchie Mug

When I was very young, my family used to take a trip to the coast every year or so. We would travel from northeastern Oregon and eventually end up in the Pixie Kitchen parking lot.

I looked forward to spending time in front of the carnival mirrors with my sister Connie and then gazing out the windows while waiting for my seafood basket to arrive.

Over the years, I've tried to find relics from the Pixie Kitchen. I've managed to find only 2 items; a porcelain tea cup and a round glass (the glass was shattered to pieces by a friend accidentally years ago).

I looked at thrift stores while visiting the beach and antique shops. All I'm left with is my sacred cup.

I would love to see more photographs from those early years. Looking on Flickr, you can only find one person that scanned and posted 2 pics. I promptly told her how lucky she is to have those memories. My family never took any photos and it makes me really sad.

Sitting and waiting for my food, my sister and I would look out the big windows and talk about all the things happening in the yard. All the crazy, animatronic elves and water works.

It would be great it Lincoln City would reprint some of those old menus and post cards from the Pixie Kitchen for collectors like me.

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