Pixie Kitchen: Our Families' Special Occasion Go-To

by Jan
(McMinnville, OR, USA)

My family celebrated every birthday at Pixie Kitchen for all the years I was growing up.

The cod balls in the salad bar were my favorite! We also made many, many trips to Pixie Land. In fact, I cannot believe it was only open for four short years - seemed like forever.

When I celebrated my 21st birthday, it only seemed natural that my husband and I should eat at good old Pixie Kitchen.

As I ordered my very first alcoholic drink, I was asked to provide ID. The waitress wished me happy birthday and then proceeded to take our orders. To my surprise, after dinner the restaurant presented me with a cake complete with candles! My husband and I were shocked by this incredible gesture - it was a full cake!

Much to my embarrassment, a huge table full of what looked like high school students burst into a round of Happy Birthday.

I'm nearly 52 now but it still stands out as one of my best birthdays ever. I cannot imagine another restaurant doing something so incredibly thoughtful and unexpected.

Good times. :)

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