Pixie Kitchen's Hall of Mirrors

by B Howie
(Bend, Oregon)

My family often visited the Pixie Kitchen in Lincoln City when we were in the area, then known as Delake, Oceanlake and Taft, and the unincorporated communities of Cutler City and Nelscott (Also known as the 20 Miracle Miles).

We would stay at a private residence type of house overlooking the beach with our own private beach access. Renner's, as it was called then, had a huge main floor unit with 3 bedrooms, kitchen (fully equipped), living room withe fireplace, dining room, and front deck.

We would often go during spring vacation (March) and meet up with my older sisters who would come from college in Salem - Willamette U.

The one thing I remember most about the Pixie Kitchen was, of course, Pixie Land. Also the restaurant entrance- a hall of mirrors. There were many different mirrors that lined the hallway entrance and the mirrors would distort your
appearance- to fat, skinny, oblong, etc. I just loved seeing all the different ways my parents and I would look in these mirrors.

My parents liked the great seafood of the restaurant and I enjoyed the mirrors and also the gift shop.

I will be visiting Lincoln City next week with a bunch of ladies for a women's retreat and was sorry to hear that the Pixie Kitchen is no longer open.

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