Pixie Land / Pixie Kitchen Collector and Trader.....

by Glen Torrance
(Lincoln City. OR)

We used to come to Lincoln City as kids to share the fun. Pixie Kitchen was a favorite place to eat and play the arcade games.

Later in 1975, I married a local Lincoln City girl by the name of Toby. 36 years of a great marriage.

I've got most of the little Pixie Kitchen and Pixie Land figurines and post cards, but I'm missing some stuff. SOOOO if you have duplicates, so do I. IE: I've got boxes of the jewlery, but no spoons. Call or Email me.

Glen M. Torrance

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Oct 11, 2013
Pixie Kitchen Spoon
by: Glen

The Pixie Kitchen figure is a little high on Ebay, but not much.

I'd have to see the spoon to know which one it is.
Have fun.....

Oct 11, 2013
Pixieland Oregon Spoon
by: Cheryl

So I ran across a small souvenir spoon.

It has an enamel picture of an elf at the top and in the bowl of the spoon it has an enamel picture of the train with elves in it crossing the bridge. Any idea of the value? I can't seem to find any pictures of any anywhere.

For my birthday last year, a friend gave me a Pixieland Mermaid figurine in perfect condition. I love her. I saw one on Ebay for $350.00. Which made me wonder about the value of the spoon.

Just wondering?????

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