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Reedsport Oregon, named after local businessman and state senator, Alfred W Reed, lies on the central Oregon coast and is one of the top vacation spots when visiting the beaches.

It's an incorporated city with a population of close to 5,000. Tourism and retiring are main draws here. The unincorporated towns of Winchester Bay and Gardiner sit a few  miles off of Reedsport.

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As a teenager, my wife used to work at Loon Lake Lodge, which is a really attractive place for campers and visitors to the town of Reedsport. She really enjoyed the people she worked for and said it was a highlight of her years working as a teen. 

People who live in Reedsport Oregon or come to visit sing the praises of the largest dunes along the Oregon coast, prime fishing spots, and 40-miles of untouched beaches. For me, the amazing dunes and Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area are the stand-outs. This section of the Oregon coast is so different from any other. Usually, the glorious ocean is a highlight. Not necessarily here. The dunes are truly exciting in every way!

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If you enjoy off-road adventures, this is a perfect spot to hit it, full-speed ahead. If you're bringing you own four-wheel excitement, great. If not, don't worry. You can opt for a guided dune tour or find ATV rental places to make your dent on the dunes of Reedsport Oregon.

Some of these behemoth dunes reach over 400 ft high and are over 1 mile in length! Hold onto your hair because once you experience the Oregon dunes on an all-terrain vehicle, you are hooked! haha. 

Fishing? They have it. Many an Oregon coast fisherman finds the jetties to be their favorite places to cast a line. But, pick your poison. Ocean fishing, stream, bay, whatever. The tackle shops can supply you all the information and gear you need.

Pick up a fishing regulation guide and fishing license and then head into the waters to bag yourself tuna, sea perch, halibut, rockfish, coho, herring, smelt, and more. They can also help you uncover the very best places to catch yourself some dinner. 

If you're new to the area or the sport of fishing altogether, get yourself hooked up with a professional in the area who can take you out and show you the ropes to snagging the big ones. Who knows? You may come back home with one of those popular stories of "the one that got away." Or the one you actually caught!

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As with any other place along the coast, Reedsport is abundant in bay clams, razor clams, Dungeness and Red Rock crabs. Grab your gear and enjoy the fun of catching the best seafood the Oregon coast offers. If you're not in the know, click the links to learn the ins-and-outs of fishing for crabs and hunting for clams. 

Camping spots in the area of Reedsport Oregon are abundant and oh-so relaxing. Bring your RV, shack up in a tent, cabin, or yurts and meet Mother Nature. If you can manage a yurt rental, I'd highly recommend it. They are very cool, but hard to get hold so book as early as you can. Everybody wants to stay in one! A favorite spot to camp is below the lovely Umpqua River Lighthouse in Winchester Bay. Very lovely! 

You're going to find some great shopping, antiquing, eating, and just plain enjoying in Reedsport Oregon. The events here run throughout the entire year. Some of the top things to do that really draw the crowds in are the ominous DuneFest and annual Chainsaw Sculpting Championships. 

I could go and on about the big things to do in this small town. It's almost comparable to a hand-held radio putting out the sound of a symphony orchestra. Little town and big attractions. It's...just....WOW! You have to head down to the town of Reedsport Oregon when you can.

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