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When people relocate to the Oregon Coast, the first reason they choose to leave the hurry of the city is the seduction of the Pacific Ocean. After that, it's the charming warmth of the towns and cities that immediately love all over them. They find that, even though the towns are smaller than what they may be used to, the culture shines with art, theater, museums and community event all year round.

There is a wealth of restaurants, attractions, opportunities to serve the community and more, they may find themselves busier than ever. Or....not. Such is the joy of the Oregon Coast and the path ahead as you plan to relocate there. It's totally up to you which way you swing. Busy or laid back. Your call.

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If you decide to relocate, things are a little more expensive than what you may be used to. Although, I'm sure that all depends on what part of the country you're coming from. It takes a bit more effort getting the essentials trucked into the coastal towns because of the remote location. On the other side of the coin, fresh seafood is always just around the corner, if you're a big fan. There is always the joy of the ocean at your door step and the tireless commercial fisherman, working hard to bring you the sea's tasty treats on a daily basis. In my opinion a fresh Dungeness crab, only hours old, is enough reason alone to relocate for me! haha.

You'll find that the coast is a chameleon. Sometimes what you have planned for a particular day may have to be adapted to the conditions around you. Sands may shift and storms come and go. There is a good amount of rain, but that never stops an Oregonian. If we stopped dead in our tracks every time we saw a drop of rain, we'd never get out. That's what warm, layered clothes, solid shoes and big umbrellas are made for. ;) 

On sunny days, you may have to circle the blocks a couple of times in order to find a parking space, while in the winter months, you may be close to only a few cars on that same block. Tourism being one of the main sources of revenue affects the towns that way. 

Although the coast is a remote region with the ocean on one side and mountains on the other, all the modern conveniences are there for your enjoyment. Wi-Fi, cell phone communication, satellite television, and espresso stands on nearly every corner. The times, they are-a changin'. The only real noticeable difference in what the Oregon Coast provides as opposed to the big cities, is that the coastal regions provide it all for you at a slightly gentler pace. Now isn't that nice? ;)

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As you think further about opportunity to relocate to the Oregon Coast, you ponder the best place to live. You have choices to make: is the North Coast calling you, with the lush forested areas? How about the Central Coast, with wide expanses of sand dunes to enjoy? Maybe the solitude and get-away-from-it-all feel of the Southern Coast? Alright, thus begins your journey of discovery. There's more. 

Now, where to bed down for the rest of your days. Do you live in a community? Do you buy your own property? Do you live right in the middle of town or up on a bluff, overlooking the ocean? As the weather changes, that gorgeous view from your home on the bluff may leave you taking a two-hour re-route to the grocery store because of a road being washed out. There are some real decisions to be made and each will have it's pros and cons. A plus here, a minus there. Any way you go, you'll have the smell of the salt air, the cry of seagulls overhead and the beauty of the surf bidding you come and play every morning.

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How about employment? If you're going to relocate to the Oregon coast for your retirement, you may want to pass this section entirely. Otherwise, if you don't already have a job waiting for you at the coast, you may want to do some serious research and figure out just what you want to do. I have quite a few exceptional resources to help in your job search over on my Portland job search page. It's not all exclusive to Portland, so it would really help to submit your resume to many of the job search, set up a search agent and peruse the sites to see what's out there. 

Since the major industries of fishing, timber and tourism are so up and down and seasonal, you may have to look a little deeper than you would in a major metropolis. That's alright though. The communities along the Oregon Coast have encouraged non-seasonal companies to lay down roots there for a good 10 years now. Resorts, spas, museums, research facilities, real estate agencies, Web-related services and others have all found homes of their own. 

The rentals of homes and apartments tend to run less but so do the pay scales. One very viable option (the one that I'm taking), is to start your own business. Work from home, if you choose. Don't be tied to someone else's business, but be your own boss. SBI! is working well for me and that's what I plan to use to settle down along the Oregon Coast when I eventually relocate there.

Here are a few useful Small Business resources to help you out:

  • - Run in accordance with the Secretary of State, this web site provides a good deal of information for the entrepreneur looking to relocate to Oregon.

  • Business Oregon - You'll find many useful links to help you start your small business in the state of Oregon.
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Well, that should be a good start for you. Enough to consider and think about before you relocate to the Oregon Coast. Remember, nothing worthwhile in life is going to be easy. In fact, the best things you get tend to take the most work. It's not a ton of extra effort, just a good many things to consider before you make your move. Once, you're there, you're going to find that your research and work paid off in spades. 

People relocate to the Oregon Coast for many reasons. The charm of the towns, the solitude, the gorgeous beaches and lullaby of the ocean. Whatever the reason they choose to move there for, they find it. A move to the coast is so worth your consideration. Once you get there, look me up. We'll get together and do lunch! ;) 



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