Rockaway Beach Oregon

Rockaway Beach Oregon is a gem on the tip-top of the Oregon coast.  I think it's the perfect name for this quiet, little beach town on the northern coastline. There something sort of Mayberry-esque about it.

Located on historic Hwy 101, just 16 miles north of Tillamook, you can tell right away, as you pull into town, that Rockaway has a history with the railroad.

Tracks run right through the center of town and the Chamber of Commerce is housed in the "Little Red Caboose" situated in a Wayside that looks right out onto the beach.

Way back in the early 1900s, the only access anywhere around this area to be had was if you decided to trek along the sandy beaches by horse and buggy.

Finally, in 1907, the Tillamook end of the coastal communities was graced with their first steam engine, routed between Portland and Tillamook, and the passenger trains began to make their rounds up and down the tracks by 1912.

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By the 1920s, the trains were the primary mode of transportation around those parts, allowing Rockaway Beach Oregon a chance to bloom.

You aren't going to find any large shopping centers and other conveniences made available to bigger cities here. What you will find is a slower pace of life and a peace of mind when you want to get away from life in the fast lane.

Anything you could need is right down the center of Rockaway Beach....just in a smaller form. It's not a place to party all night, but an oasis to stroll and talk and maybe take a uninterrupted nap or two. A quiet place to stick around for a while. 

On an early morning, steaming cup of coffee in hand, or for an evening stroll when the sun is beginning to set, walking along the long and straight expanse of beach is a real treasure.


Here's a little bit of trivia that I recently discovered:

pronto pups

Pronto Pups, which was a brand of corn dog, except made with a flour-based-batter rather than corn, was invented in the late 1930's in Rockaway. Why is that significant to me? When I was young, I used to visit my mother's side of the family in Emmett, Idaho and there was a Drive-In called Roe Ann's that served the best Pronto Pups and Slushies ever! They were to die for! ;)


Even though the "soup de jour" is getting away from the loudness of life, Rockaway Beach accommodates the Oregon coast traveler as well as any of the other town does, up and down the NW beaches.

Ample lodging facilities, tasty eateries to enjoy some fresh seafood and a beach that will make you forget your's all there for the taking. I can imagine that it would be a wonderful backdrop for a beach wedding, especially if you were to somehow include the Heisler Steam Engine they have for tours around there.

If you want the solitude and romance that a little beach town can provide, you don't have to look any further than Rockaway Beach Oregon on the gorgeous Oregon coast. For more information, visit the Rockaway Beach Chambers of Commerce web site.

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