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When I saw this online i couldn't believe my eyes. As children in the 60's, my parents took my two sisters and I to Pixie Kitchen every time we came to

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The Houses On Manzanita Beach

We love Manzanita, and we loved staying at The Historic Reed House, one of the houses from The Houses On Manzanita Beach. It was a really cool, huge 100

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Wildhearts Film Studios - Otis , Oregon

We service the full length of the Oregon Coast , we capture on film the memories of a lifetime , to be passed on to generations to come. We are not limited

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Pixie Kitchen: So Magical And Beachy!

I remember we would just drive down to have Sunday dinner at the Pixie Kitchen. I could spend hours there, looking at all the knick knacks. Still, today,

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Golfing on the Oregon Coast

The best golfing can be found on the Oregon Coast. Book your trip and tee time today.

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Whale Of A Wine Fest In Gold Beach, Oregon

Be sure to mark you calendar for May 16, 2015, and join us for a Whale of a Wine Fest. This event will be held at the Event Center on the Beach in Gold

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The Ghost Ship of souls.

As a flight nurse in Redding, CA and an ER nurse in Coos Bay, OR, I traveled weekly between the two for almost 3 years. On one very rare day off, I was

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The Real Story of What Happened to The Plxie Kitchen

I see many posts speculating on what happened to the Pixie Kitchen. I worked there from age 14, in the early 1970's, until age 22 - when I graduated from

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Gold On Winter Time Oregon Beaches

The Oregon beach front from Seven Devils area to the north to the Chetco area to the south can be very good gold recovery areas. I live in Gold Beach

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Don Frank Photography - Gearhart Oregon

My style of photography is Creative Photojournalism. The photos are a lively and colorful representation of unique angles, beautiful people, and behind

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