Seafood Markets on the Oregon Coast

Oregon coast seafood markets stocked with the ocean's best and freshest can be found taking up small residences up and down the entire coastline.

These are not your run-of-the-mill, large company stores. They're much better!

They are often small, mom-and-pop owned businesses that exclusively deal with the very freshest seafood found in the Northwest's waters. They always take great pride in the freshness of their stock.

Dungeness crab, calamari, oysters, razor clams, shrimp, prawns, tuna,'s all there for the tasting and taking.

With a very personal and home-town feel, these terrific little places are happy to put their best foot forward and go over and above your expectations to make your fresh seafood experience a great one.

My Fresh Seafood Market Recommendations

fish peddlers market

Fish Peddler's Market
617 SW Bay Blvd
Newport, OR 97365

Fresh Oregon coast seafood for the purchase and a small sitting restaurant that serves it up if you don't want to cook it up yourself.

I've watched them unload fish and Dungeness crab straight from the boats in the harbor, up into the store. You can't get fresher than that! You may be someone who prefers their clam chowder over Mo's world famous clam chowder. A lot of people do! Read what others are saying about Fish Peddler's Market

lighthouse deli

Lighthouse Deli and Fish Company
640 SW Coast Hwy.
South Beach, OR 97366

South Beach is a small community that lays partly within the city of Newport's boundaries. Small community, big taste. At least that's the tale of this great little seafood market. Owned by Jim Iverson and opened to the public in 1991, they're known for their wonderful fish and chips, oysters, steamers, Dungeness crab and smoked fish. The standard fare of the freshest seafood to swim the ocean is all there. Lunch is served daily with take-out available. They also ship their products all over the United States. Give them a try. You'll love what you find.

pacific oyster oregon coast

Pacific Oyster
5150 Oyster Drive
Bay City, OR 97053
More Information

Both an oyster processing plant and an eatery, this is some fresh seafood that you won't want to miss. Sitting atop a jetty-like structure that overlooks Tillamook Bay, this restaurant and seafood market is the perfect stop for anyone hungering for a great meal at great prices. Seafood burgers, Crab Louies, fish and chips and, of course, oysters are common menu items. The scenery is great as are the self-guided tours through the oyster shucking plant where 10,000 lbs of oysters are shucked a day. Wow!

waldport seafood company

Waldport Seafood Company
Pacific Highway 101, PO Box 462
Waldport, OR 97394

Fresh seafood shipped daily, anywhere in the US, and tasty seafood dishes cooked while you wait are everyday happenings here. The smoked salmon and tuna are a couple things you have to make sure you grab. Oh, my!

Accommodating the technical crowd, they offer free Wi-Fi hotspots. So, bring your laptop in, order something yummy, kick back, sip on an espresso and check your email or whatever.

oregon coast seafood markets

A visit to the Oregon Coast will never be complete unless you stop in and take of a taste of what it has to offer.

There are so many independent seafood markets, you won't be able to turn in a circle without bumping into a different one. While you're at it, pick up a gift pack or something along those lines and have the market send it on to someone you love.

You'll be their favorite person in the world from that day forward. ;)

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