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Go ahead and make suggestions of what you would like to see and read more about on Romantic Oregon Coast Vacations.

As would be expected, I'm always going to be thrilled to cover more things here that excite me and make me feel good, but this is a place for you, too. Or I should say, especially for you!

There are few things I enjoy sharing more about with other people than the Oregon coast. Simply put, I know that I share my love for the coast, you're sure to catch the fever. Pretty sure of myself, aren't I? I know what a magical place this is! ;)

There is still a ton I haven't covered and I want you to be a participant in the creation of good content.

You probably have stuff that you love about the Oregon coast that I haven't considered or know about. I'm good, but not perfect! haha.

If you a visitor to the web site and not too familiar with the coastal areas, you still may have some great thoughts about what you want to know more about. I'm happy to look into it for you!

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So, what are your suggestions and ideas about what to add to my Oregon coast web site? I'm thinking about all the wonderful things that I am planning to provide you with concerning the Oregon Coast, but can't think of it all by my lonesome. Even I have my brain burps, believe it or not. haha! So, I want to hear from you!

There is so much to cover. What would you like to read more about? Are there certain places or things to do that you'd like me to touch on?

A real plus of getting your ideas is that I get to tell me wife, "I have to go paragliding in Astoria, because my readers want to know more about it." Haha! See the way that works?

More restaurants, hotels, or Bed and Breakfasts you want to hear about? How about outdoor activities? Anything along those lines you want to know about? Don't hold back. Tell me what you want to read about. I'd love to hear from you and thanks! ;)

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