The Ghost Ship of souls.

by Mike Furniss
(Lincoln City, Oregon)

As a flight nurse in Redding, CA and an ER nurse in Coos Bay, OR, I traveled weekly between the two for almost 3 years.

On one very rare day off, I was fishing the surf north of Bandon when I noticed debris in the surf... ice chests, floatation devices and such. I knew this was not good, so I walked to higher ground to see what I could spot.

I noticed a capsized boat and three people in the surf. One person face down and the other two holding each other. I raced back to my truck and phoned 911. When I returned I noticed in the distance, in line and beyond the three victims, what looked like a very old Schooner ship, with sails missing and ghostly in appearance.

After assisting two of the three men to the shore I began CPR on one and wrapped the other in a blanket that I had. I never saw the third victim reach shore.

This "Ghost Ship" that I saw in the distance disappeared after the two men reached the shore. I have no explanation for what I saw, only it appeared to me during a death at sea.

Mike RN

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