The Ghosts of Newport Beach

by Bob Brazil

I was visiting Newport Beach, Oregon on a business trip. I was walking up and down the beach, reviewing my notes for a meeting, when I heard a splash. I thought that was strange because, apart from me, the beach was deserted. I looked toward the splash and saw two young girls, about eight years old, playing in the water.

I was impressed at how they could stand the cold because the water had to be below fifty degrees. I was about to advise them to get out, that they might catch cold, but suddenly they disappeared beneath the water. I waited to see if they would resurface before doing anything drastic, but they didn't. I kicked off my shoes and dove in. I couldn't find a trace of the two girls!

I hired a search party to see if they could find the girls, but it was of no avail. They were gone without a trace. Later I did a bit of research. By the end, I was most certain that I had seen the ghosts of Mary and Annabeth Wilson, the twins who had drowned at the beach in 1966!!

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Jul 28, 2012
Who Sees Who?
by: Anonymous

I have been gifted my whole life to be able to speak and feel the ghostly presence.

I have seen ghosts all over the Oregon coast my whole life. Some are mean, yes, that is true, but they were there first remember, so be nice and they wont hurt you. Unless you provoke their integrity.

You will be a ghost once yourself. so respect their beings. Those who are quick to judge, may need to be judged themselves.

Oct 06, 2010
Learn to read
by: Anonymous


The gentleman who wrote the story did not say "fifty below", he said, "...because the water had to be below fifty degrees".

Next time you want to diss, make sure you have YOUR facts straight.

Aug 18, 2010
Not All Facts
by: Shawn

The pacific ocean in Newport Beach area does not get to 50 below,which you can see at this link: since 1 part is not true it makes me feel that the rest of this story could also be false.

Mar 14, 2010
Ghosts on the Oregon Coast
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad to read your post.

Most people think I'm batty when I say I saw some ghosts. I never talk about it with anyone now but I remember it often.

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