The Poltergeist At The Old Seaside A & W Restaurant

by Melody Dion
(Corona, CA)

When my aunt lived in Seaside, Oregon in the 70's she got a job at the A&W restaurant there.

Soon after she started working there, strange things started happening in the storage room.

They would be sitting in there and huge bottles of mayonaise and mustard would start falling off the shelves. They would go outside and try to trick the person they thought was doing this but no one went in and still the bottles would come off the shelves.

One other time, they were sitting in there and a fire burst out in the small trash can nearby. No one had put a cigarette, match, or anything else in the trash can.

They would check and lock the room at night, but the next morning, first thing, the bottles would be on the floor again.

Soon after that, rocks would come flying out of the blackberry field directly behind the restaurant. The rocks were 4 to 6 inches in diameter and would come directly at them going at very high speeds. They could not imagine a person being able to throw those rocks with that much force.

The police and fire departments searched the area and could find nothing.

The police had rocks being hurled at them even as they searched. When the firemen were there they saw a large shadow move up a tree. They blasted the tree with water but no one was hiding in that tree.

All of these incidences were reported in the local paper. My aunt reported that in several weeks after the field was searched the activity stopped.

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